TNA Cuts Ties With OVW, News On TNA's New Location, Dixie Carter Talks EC3's Progress

- In the video above, TNA President Dixie Carter talked about Ethan Carter III's progress and noted that she "couldn't be prouder."

- reports that TNA has officially severed their ties with OVW as a cost cutting measure.

- TNA has updated the live events section of their website to state that the Impact Wrestling tapings from November 21-23 will take place at Soundstage 19 in at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. The new soundstage will be about the same height as the old Impact Zone, but will have a much smaller width. The old Impact Zone had an area of 22,000 sq. ft. (200" width, 110" height), while the new soundstage has an area of about 16,000 sq. ft. (~145" width, ~110" height).

Feras contributed to this article.


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