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Impact opens with a video package hyping tonight’s Submission’s match between Austin Aries and Kurt Angle.

Bully Ray, Brooke and rest of Aces & 8s come out as Tazz puts over how they got one over on everybody last week. Tazz takes off his headset and hugs Bully. Bully berates Tenay for tricking him last week. Bully grabs a microphone and asks the fans if they know who he is. Bully says he is the one who plays each and everyone of them. He calls the crowd a bunch of suckers and says that the club is not about quantity, not quality. Bully says he does not have to be the World Champion to be the most talked about guy in TNA. Not a lot of energy from the crowd.

Ray talks about his match against Anderson at Turning Point next Thursday. Ray says he will piledrive Anderson through the ramp. Anderson’s music hits and he comes down. Anderson says that everyone is sick and tired of Aces and eights, and that when he beats Bully next week, Aces is done in TNA. Bully asks why he would agree to a match like that? Anderson says that he will sweeten the pot, and talks about his wife, who is pregnant with twins. Anderson says that if he cannot beat Bully, he will leave TNA and go home and be a dad.

Bully calls Anderson into the ring, and Bully says that if he had the chance, he would love to piledrive Anderson’s wife. Bully asks if Anderson is crazy to put his career on the line. Anderson says that he is crazy, and punches Anderson. Aces & 8’s jump in and they beat down Anderson. Bully grabs a chair, but Anderson gets away from Knux and Bischoff and clears the ring of all of Aces and eights. Anderson grabs the mic and says he is feeling frisky, and that it will be someone in Aces and Eights against him, right now.

We then go to commercial.

We are back from commercial and Anderson is in the ring and it appears he will wrestle Knux.

Ken Anderson vs Knux

The bell rings and Anderson jumps all over Knux. Anderson is wearing a long-sleeved shirt and jeans. He beats down Knux, but Knux hits a cross-body for a two count. Knux hits some right hands on Anderson and chokes him on the middle rope. He steps away and drops the leg behind Andersons neck. Knux pounds Anderson into the corner and heavy whips him into the other corner. He tosses Anderson to the outside and smacks his head onto the steel steps.

Knux drops and elbow on the outside and gets back in the ring and taunts. He pulls Anderson up to the apron and brings him in with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Knux locks in a vice lock but Anderson fights out. He picks Knux up into a firemans carry but he cannot get the big man up. Knux splashes Anderson in the corner and hits a sidewalk slam for a two-count. Knux clotheslines Anderson down and waits for him to get up. Knux hits a short-armed lariat on Anderson. Knux goes for another short-arm lariat, but Anderson ducks it and hits the Mic Check for the three count.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Anderson does is whole post-match schtick where he announces himself as the winner to the crowd.

We get a video from TNA 24/7 of Joseph Parks. Parks talks about Bad Influence throwing a Appletini in his face last week. He challenges Daniels to a match tonight on Impact. We get a video of Daniels and Kaz talking about the Appletini incident last week. Daniels asks if Parks has lost his mind, and agrees to the match against Parks. Both Daniels and Parks will leave their teammates in the back.

We get a video hyping the main event of Angle vs Aries in a submissions match in their first round match in the TNA Title Tournament. Aries and Angle talk about the art of submission.

Daniels comes down to the ring for his match against Joseph Park. Both Park and Daniels come down alone.

Christopher Daniels vs Joseph Park

Daniels uses his speed to get the edge, but Park hits a hip-toss and a shoulder knockdown. Daniels begs off PArk and extends his hand. Park grabs his hand and brings him into a short-armed clothesline. He takes Daniels down and tries to go for a Boston crab, but Daniels escapes to the ropes and to the outside. Daniels runs around the ring and PArk gives chase, and Daniels gets the step inside the ring and beats Park down. He hits a clothesline to the back of Park’s head for a two count. Daniels goes for a sunset flip, but Park stays upringt and tries to sit down, but he misses.

Daniels hits the ropes and boots Park down for a two count. Daniels continues to beat down Park and taunts the crowd. Park gets up and hits a Samoan Drop on Daniels. Both men struggle to get up and Daniels misses a splash in the corner. Park hits a scoopslam and then a sidewalk slam for a two count. Park picks up Daniels, but Daniels fights out and goes for a suplex. PArk puts on the brakes and hits a suplex of his own. He drags Daniels over to the ropes and climbs the second rope. Daniels rolls out of his range and into the corner, but Park runs over and splashes him in the corner. Park hits some rights and lefts in the corner, but Daniels sneaks in a low-blow and covers Park for the three count.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Ethan Carter III is up next as we go to commercial.

We come back and Garrett is in the back. Bischoff and Bully tell Knux that it is ok, and that they have Anderson right where they want him. They leave and are apparently going to a strip club. Why Bully would need to go to a strip club when he is dating Tessmacher is not revealed.

EC3 is out for his match. Norv and Dewey are his opponents in a handicapped match.

Handicapped Match: Ethan Carter III vs Norv and Dewey Barnes

Norv starts things off against EC3. He scores with a right hand and an arm wrench. He tages in Dewey who hits a axe handle on EC3. They do this move several times until EC3 counters out and clotheslines Dewey. He hits a suplex and locks in a rear chin lock and then a back suplex. Barnes hits a few elbows in the corner and then a hurrancnacrna and tags in Norv. Norv hits a crossbody, then a missile dropkick and tornando ddt for a two count.

EC3 gets up and clotheslines Norv. He brings him in the corner and Barnes makes a blind tag. EC3 hits the headlock driver called the “1 percenter” while Dewey climbs the ropes. Dewey leaps off but EC3 and hits the headlock driver on Barnes. He covers both men for the the three count.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

We get a recap of AJ leaving with the TNA Title and defending his belt in Asistencia Asesoría y Administración. After the video, Dixie is shown yelling at the producers asking how the promo aired.

We get a video of Jeff Hardy talking about his injuries from Full Metal Mayhem last week.

We get a video of Austin Aries defeating Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X 2012.

Dixie Carter’s music hits and she comes out. She thanks the crowd and says that it is so hard to have the perfect insticts that she does. She says she never has to go around and prove herself. She says how great it is to be right about kicking AJ out of TNA. She says that it has proven her point that no one, except for herself, is irreplaceable. This a business, not some walk down memory lane, and it is all about what you have done for her lately. She says AJ stole the world title from her and that he is not her world champion and that her lawyers will handle him.

She says that she is here to talk about the tournament. She says that Hardy won last week, and tonight they will see Aries take on Angle. She hypes next weeks Turning Point event, and she announces the matches for Turning Point. Roode comes down, followed by Storm, Joe and Magnus.

Dixie says that she has already announced the brackets, and that it will be Roode vs Storm and Joe vs Magnus. She says she has already spun the wheel of Dixie and it landed on a Bull-Rope match for Storm and Roode. She says that Roode has the advantage because he has shown what he has down for her latley, and Storm has not.

Storm grabs the mic and says that he has the heart, a beard and a cold 6 pack of beer. He says that it is time a redneck takes over this show and wins the World Title. He says that he has one thing to say for Roode; “Sorry about your damn luck.” Good stuff from Storm.

Dixie says that Magnus and Joe will be in a falls-count anywhere match. Joe says that he can’t play this charade any longer, and that the only reason they are all here is to cover for her mistakes. She says they are only here to make up for her bad business. Joe says that when he wins this tournament, whether it will be here or anywhere else, the first person he is defending the title against AJ Styles, who never lost the title in the first place.

Magnus says that this tournament is about the spirit of competition. He says that to be the top dog, he has to beat the best, and that is Joe. And he will, be the top dog. Dixie says that whoever wins will be the true, world heavyweight champion.

We go to a camera in the back and Anderson beats down Bischoff. He handcuffs Garrett to a cart in the back.

We get a recap of Angle winning the World Title at Slammiversary in the King of the Mountain match.

Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa are out for Kim’s open challenge. If the woman defeats Kim, she will get a Knockout’s title shot. Kim talks about issuing her challenge to any female outside the company. Kim calls herself the greatest Knockout’s champion of all-time. She says that a lot of names have been mentioned, but someone actually has to show up. Tonight, someone showed up. Hannah Blossom comes out to accept the challenge.

Gail Kim vs Hannah Blossom

Kim runs her over with a kick to the face and hits some uppercuts on Blossom. Kim whips Blossom into the corner and hits a crossbody in the corner. blossom fights back, but Kim cuts her down with a kick to the ribs. Kim beats her down and talks trash to Blossom. She kicks away at Blossom in the corner. Blossom locks in the figure four around the post, but Blossom does not give up.

Kim gets back int he ring and gets on her knees allowing Blossom to take a free shot. Kim takes out Blossom’s legs and covers her but, Blossom kicks out. Blossom hits a few rights and a couple clotheslines and then a snap suplex and a splash for a two count. Blossom whips Kim into the corner, but Gail emerges from it with a big clothesline. Kim eats the foot jawbreaker for the three count.

Winner: Gail Kim

Apparently, the open challenge is going to be a reoccurring thing each week on Impact. Kim says nice try to Blossom…not really. She says she is the greatest champion once more and leaves the ring.

Kurt Angle is shown walking to the ring, and it looks like their match is going to be next.

Despite the Submissions match being announced next, we come back from commercial with Joseph Park coming down the ring. Park says that when he came to Impact a year and a half ago, it was to find his brother Abyss, but after he saw all the support he got from fans, he coulnd’t just walk away. He says that Kaz and Daniels have been getting under his skin. He says all of their accusations against him being Abyss have really bothered him, and how the hell is he supposed to know where Abyss is? Park says that he thinks he has a solution to the problem, and he issues an open challenge for next week. It will be himself, against his brother Abyss. With that, Park leaves the ring.

Tenay and Tazz hype up the matches at Turning Point next week. In addition to the tournament matches, it will be Anderson vs Bully in a No DQ match. We see the bracket and Hardy will face the winner of Storm vs Roode, while the winners of Angle vs Aries and Joe vs Magnus will face each other in the semi-finals.

It is main event time and Austin Aries is out first. Angle comes out next, but his entrance is cut off as they go to the back. Anderson un-cuffs a now unconscious Garrett and is taking him somewhere as we go to commercial.

We come back and the bell rings and we are ready to go.

Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries

Both men roll around the ring exchanging holds quickly. They trade some more holds and Angle scores with a should knockdown. Aries gets up and hits a series of armdrags, and Angle locks in leg scissors. Aries does his patetend handstand dropkick, but Aries catches him but cannot lock in the Ankle lock. Angle goes for a german suplex, but Aries lands on his feet and quickly locks in the last chancery, but Angle escapes.

Both men get up a trade holds some more, Aries gets the better of Kurt and locks in an STF. Angle gets to the ropes, but Aries beats down Angle with elbows. Aries pounds Angle into the corner and whips him into the other corner and hits a clothesline/bulldog combo. Aries locks in a front chancery, but Angle makes it tot he ropes. Aries hits the ropes, but Angle catches him into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Aries is down, and Roode comes down the ramp with a steel chair. Angle gets out of the ring and stares down Roode. While he is talking, Aries climbs the ropes and tries to hit a double-axe handle to Angle on the outside, but Angle catches him and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on the outside. Angle stares down Roode and tosses Aries back into the ring. Aries hits a baseball slide and knocks Kurt off the apron as we to commercial.

We come back from commercial and Aries hangs Angle’s neck on the top rope. Aries hits a few running knee drops to Angles neck and then an elbow drop to the chest. He locks in the front fac lock and Angle gets up and fights out. Angle hits a few clotheslines and whips Aries into the buckle and hits a big belly-to-belly. Angle hits a german suplex, and follows the first one up with two more, the last one Aries does the full rotation and lands on his stomach.

Angle stalks Aries and goes for the Angle slam, but Aries armdrags Angle and hits a rolling forearm which knocks Kurt to the outside. Aries climbs the turnbuckle and hits a big double-axe handle on the outside. Kurt rolls into the ring, and Aries goes for the missile dropkick. Angle catches him and locks in the Ankle lock. Aries pushes Angle into the turnbuckle, and goes for the dropkick in the corner, but Angle catches him again and locks in the Ankle Lock.

Aries rolls over and kicks him off, sending Kurt to the outside. Aries hits a suicide clothesline and rolls Kurt back into the ring and connects with a missile dropkick. Aries hits the dropkick in the corner and hits the brainbuster and floats over into the last chancery. Angle teases the tap out, but Angle fights out of it. They trade blows in the ring and Angle hits a german suplex, and hits another one, but Aries grabs the ropes to prevent a third one.

Angle seats Aries on the rop rope and goes for a super side suplex, but Aries knocks Angle off. Angle runs up the ropes and goes for a super german, but Aries knocks him down again. Aries turns around on the turnbuckle, and misses a 450 splash. Angle goes for the Angle slam, but, Aries floats over beautifully and teases the last chancery. Angle fights out of it and doges a spear by Aries, who eats only steel in the corner. Angle signals to Roode on the outside and locks in the crossface, and Aries taps out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle and Roode yell at each other while Tenay hypes the card for next week. Anderson’s music hits and he drags Bischoff out to the stage. Anderson points at Garrett and listens to the crowd. Anderson hits a piledriver on the stage to Garrett. Anderson’s music plays while Angle looks confused in the ring as Impact goes off the air.

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