Triple H, Daniel Bryan And Several Other WWE Superstars Praise William Regal

WWE's website has a new article up with Triple H, Daniel Bryan, Robbie Brookside, Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett and Fit Finlay talking about how they respect William Regal.

Triple H credited William Regal's passion for the business to allow him to change with the times. He also noted what a big part of NXT that Regal is.

Bryan praised Regal for being a professional, and discussed how Regal influenced his career.

"I was with WWE when I was 18 and then got let go in 2001, but he was responsible for getting me booked in the UK," Bryan said. "When I first got to WWE, he really helped me navigate the waters, as far as, what you should do and don't need to do here and what's important."


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