WWE.com posted their latest storyline interview with Triple H by Michael Cole today.

Triple H started the interview by discussing The Big Show being back and getting a World title shot against Randy Orton at the Survivor Series. Triple H said that he wasn’t necessarily pressured into his decision, and the good thing about having a large corporation is that you have a Board of Directors to help provide guidance. He said that what happened was best for business.

Cole mentioned Kane aligning himself with Triple H and Stephanie, and noted how it was “the strangest thing” to see Kane in a suit and tie. Triple H asked if it was stranger than Mae Young giving birth to a hand. He said that Kane asked for an opportunity, and his role as of right now is “Director Of Operations.” When asked what Kane’s responsibilities will be, Make sure to go to Wrestling Inc. Triple H simply replied, “you will see.” Triple H said that despite Kane’s past, he trusts him and that’s all that matters.

Cole finished the interview by noting that Kane has been Tweeting, and quoted Kane saying that “this monster is yours to unleash.” Triple H responded with a smirk, saying, “Yes he is Cole. Yes he is.”

You can watch the full interview by clicking here.