Two WWE NXT Wrestlers Renamed, The Many Faces Of Kane, WWE Classics On Demand, WWE Magazine

- The official WWE website has published a photo gallery chronicling Kane's transformation since 1997, from a masked monster to a business suit wearing henchman.

- WWE NXT stars Conor O'Brian and Rick Victor have been re-named, according to their respective Twitter accounts. On the social media platform, O'Brian is referring to himself as Konnor (@KonnorWWE) and Victor is now Viktor (@ViktorRiseWWE). Together, they appear as The Ascension.

- This week's WWE Classics On Demand updates are as follows: The New and Improved DX (Parts 4,5, and 6), New World Order: The Revolution, World Wrestling Federation action at Nassau Coliseum (June 10, 1989), AWA All Star Wrestling (November 7, 1981), ECW Hardcore TV (November 13, 1998), Stampede Wrestling (May 1979).

- The latest issue of WWE Magazine features Big Show, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena and The Miz on the cover. The headline reads: "SUPERSTARS UNITED! WHO'LL BE THE FACE OF WWE IN 2014?"


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