UFC News: Georges St-Pierre Responds To Rumors About His Personal Problems

Rather than respect Georges St-Pierre's wishes to leave his personal life private, gossip website TMZ began speculating immediately as to why the fighter chose to take time away from the sport.

Citing "solid" sources, TMZ has reported that the issues he's been suffering from that make him feel as though he's "going crazy" are related to a woman from Montreal whom he impregnated and his father's ailing health. When asked about the pregnancy by TMZ, St-Pierre would only say that he's "not a dad," and that his father is not dying. In a conversation with the LA Times, UFC president Dana White said that he spoke with GSP and that he's outright denying both rumors.

St-Pierre's younger sister has also denied rumors that their father is ill.

It was reported earlier this week that St-Pierre's former manager Shari Spencer is suing the fighter for millions over a dispute in their parting of ways. Spencer herself denied that rumor later in the week, explaining via Twitter that she's not one of St-Pierre's "99 problems."

As of now, there is nothing concrete to base speculation about St-Pierre's issues on. However, UFC president Dana White's assertion that St-Pierre's problems aren't as bad as he thinks may be correct. The fighter tweeted the following while on vacation: