Wade Barrett Debuts New Name, No WWE Refunds In Dublin, WCW Valet Makes Disturbing Post

- Wade Barrett came out as "Bad News Barrett" at the WWE live event in Dublin on Thursday. He cut a heel promo on Ireland before defeating Zack Ryder. Barrett ended his promo with "God Save Our Queen!" which caused fans to throw a bottle, some cups and other trash at him.

- There were fans upset at the WWE live event in Dublin on Thursday because Daniel Bryan wasn't there. Bryan was heavily promoted on TV and radio advertisements leading up to the show. After the show, fans were chatting about wanting refunds but WWE did not offer them.

- Former WCW valet Gorgeous George wrote the following disturbing post on Facebook this week:

"Well its really nice to kniw after 13 years of marriage i am only worth 2800$ my life is f**ked i own nothing i am old and washed up thanks alit doyle for making my life a living hell i want to slit my throat i have no reasin to live all i do is reck peoples lifes i am a horrible person worth nothing but a waste of life i am 37 with no car job family kids i have nothing left to give people my soul is lost i hope everyone got every last bit of me they could use up thanks for all the so calked freinds that talk sh*t thats so cool karma is a motherf***ers i am living now i am paying in full for my dirt"


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