Why Antonio Cesaro Missed Live Events, Fans Upset With Daniel Bryan's Absence, Bellas, PTP

- A lot of fans were upset at tonight's WWE live event in Birmingham, England for Daniel Bryan not appearing as advertised. Bryan, who was wrestling at a live event taking place at the same time in Munich, Germany, was very recently advertised for the Birmingham show. There was a lot of booing during the main event between Randy Orton and The Big Show with fans chanting for Daniel Bryan which prompted Orton to take the mic and say, "Daniel Bryan isn't here because I beat his ass. He's gone."

The Big Show tried to make up for Bryan's absence by taking the mic and starting a "Yes!" chant "in honour of Daniel Bryan" after he fended off Kane and The Shield after the match. He also said that he would call Bryan to tell him about it. The Daniel Bryan chants continued well after the end of the show. You can get full results for the event at this link. (Thanks to Wrestling Inc. readers Ross Stilgoe and Barry)

- We are looking for reports for tonight's WWE live event in Munich, Germany, so if you attended it, please send us a report by clicking here.

- The Bella Twins and The Prime Time Players spoke at a Be A Star rally at John Paul Academy in Summerston, Glasgow, Scotland yesterday. The Daily Record has an article about their appearance at this link. At the rally, Titus O'Neil said that he used to be bullied as a kid because he was skinny and wore glasses, while Darren Young said that he was picked on for being overweight with a stuttering problem.

- Antonio Cesaro missed a couple of WWE live events this week because he has been in Munich, Germany, doing promotional work for the company. Jack Swagger has been working singles matches on the overseas tour. You can check out photos of Cesaro appearing on Sky Sports News and at a Be A Star rally in Munich this week below:


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