WWE Lists Biggest WCW Losers, Goldberg On Match With 'Taker, Banned Star Gets A Shirt

- As noted earlier, WWE.com posted an article looking at WCW's 15 biggest losers. The article was briefly taken down this morning, but is now back up. Jerry Flynn topped the list, followed by The Gambler, The Mulkeys and Lenny Lane. El Dandy rounded out the top 5. You can check out the full article by clicking here.

- WWE continues name-dropping Goldberg, as they posted this playlist of Goldberg destroying many of the wrestlers on their "Biggest WCW Losers" list. However, Goldberg continues to shoot down rumors of a WWE return on his Twitter. When asked if Triple H would book a match between himself and The Undertaker in the near future, Goldberg replied, "Not a chance in hell"

When asked about WWE wanting to sign him and Sting, Goldberg stated, "Sting ....maybe. Me? Not likely...."

- Despite being banned in storyline, WWEShop.com has the new Big Show "Show Big Strength" t-shirt available for sale at this link. They also have the new Wyatt Family "We're Here" t-shirt here. Also, through the end of November you can get $10 off orders of $70 or more with code WWESAVE10 at WWEShop.com by clicking here.

Peter, Reject Smurf, Aftab A. and Mike T. contributed to this article.


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