WWE Live Event Results From Cardiff (11/10): Kane Helps Randy Orton, Fans Chant For Absent Bryan

One of our readers sent us this report for tonight's WWE live event in Cardiff, Wales:

70% of the audience were kids, with the rest parents and adults. Good, energetic crowd.

* Real Americans vs Los Matadores. Zeb Colter came out with his team and cut a heel promo, he awkwardly got cheered when talking about immigrants. Los Matadores came out and got booed abit, but they crowd started cheering them on after the match started. Fun match with Los Matadores winning with their double team finisher.

* Zack Ryder vs Wade Barrett. Barrett came out and was using his 'Bad News Barrett' gimmick, and rinsed the Welsh crowd by wearing an England football top. Got massive heat for that. Pretty boring match that the crowd wasn't really into, Barrett won with the Bull Hammer.

* Natalya vs Aksana. Natalya got an impressive pop from the crowd. The match itself was pretty dull, Natalya won with the sharpshooter to a big pop once again.

* Kofi Kingston vs The Miz. Both superstars got a great reaction from the crowd, and both put on a great performance with the crowd chanting 'Let's go Kofi' and Miz is awesome' simultaneously. Miz turned heel mid way through put still got many cheers. Kofi Kingston won with the Trouble In Paradise.

* Big E Langston, Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs The Shield. The faces got a good reaction, whilst the crowd erupted when The Shield came out. Ended with Cody getting a rollup win over Dean Ambrose. Great match with the crowd on fire for the faces by the end with a huge pop when Cody got the pin. It was awesome seeing Goldust there, and really showcased the great future of the WWE with Cody, Langston and the Shield doing fantastically well.


* Santino Marella vs Fandango in a dance-off. Really funny stuff, with both guys getting big pops when they came out. Santino won the dance-off with divine moves and got attacked by Fandango for it. Santino fought back and nailed the Cobra.

* Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler. For me this was match of the night. Sandow cut a genius promo before hand and got the crowd to absolutely hate him. Ziggler got a massive pop, with kids and adults alike cheering him on. Brilliant, entertaining match that saw Sandow get the win. Awesome.

* Big Show vs Randy Orton. Both got the loudest pops of the night, with people both cheering and booing Orton. A small Daniel Bryan chant started, which turned into massive YES! chants which Orton snapped at, telling everybody that Bryan wasn't there and is in a hospital in America (in Scotland doing a live tour). Pretty boring match to be honest, but they were both so popular it didn't really matter. The end was similar to the other endings in different cities with Kane coming out in a suit and costing Big Show the match.

Overall was a wicked show, and respect to all the wrestlers there. Thank you from Cardiff.


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