WWE Live Event Results From Nottingham (11/13): Cena Headlines, Ryback & Axel Abandon Heyman

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Tim Williamson for sending in these results from tonight's WWE live event in Nottingham, and for sending the video above of CM Punk once again beating down Paul Heyman with a kendo stick.

* The Primetime Players defeated Hunico & Camacho. The PTP got a big pop, no one was expecting them there. Solid match to open with both teams looking strong. PTP won but both teams did some good big moves.

* Ryback defeated Justin Gabriel. It was good to see Justin get a nice response too. Ryback played the bully as usual, and he even ripped a few banners up from fans. Ryback won with his usual finisher, but Justin did an awesome moonsault from the top ropes towards the end.

* Brie Bella defeated WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. The match was announced as a title match, but AJ stated before the match that she wasn't going to defend the title. The crowd was a bit dead for this, but I loved seeing AJ. I really like her style and think she's the best diva. The match was on the short side, about 10 minutes with Brie getting the pin.

* The Great Khali defeated Heath Slater. This was a total filler match, but the crowd cheered for Khali. Slapfest.

Paul Heyman, Ryback and Curtis Axel make their way to the ring. Heyman did a promo similar to on RAW about CM Punk. Punk interrupts, and the crowd loves it. Punk does a really good promo and asks why Ryback is still with Heyman after what Heyman said Monday night. Ryback then left. Punk tells Curtis he respects the strap and that Curtis should too. Heyman gives Curtis a walking stick and tells Curtis to beat Punk. But Curtis leaves too. Punk then kendo sticks Heyman a few times, but then the Wyatt's interrupt and start a beat down on Punk only for Daniel Bryan to rush to the ring. He wasn't advertised as being there tonight and got a massive reaction.

* CM Punk & Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. Great match, with Bray watching outside of the ring. The crowd loved the match. Punk got the pin for the win.

* The Usos defeated Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre.

* Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth. Solid match again, R-Truth had the crowd going.

* World Heavyweight Champion John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio got a mixed reaction coming out. Really good main event with both wrestlers selling moves well. Del Rio did the typical heel routine and slaged the crowd on the mic after a few minutes of wrestling. Quite a fast paced but decent length match. Both got their finishes in. And yes, Alberto does kick that loud! Cena got the AA to win. Crowd loved Cena, bare a few as expected.

Overall, a great night.


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