Thanks to reader Sarah (Minehead designer) for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in Minehead, Somerset, UK:

Prime Time Players vs Hunico and Camacho – Winner: PTP

This seemed a longer match than they would get normally. It was a good match actually, with lots of tagging and getting the crowd going. PTP had a lot of support from the crowd. Titus got a whistle out and started getting the crowd to cheer after he whistled.

Jinder Mahal vs Great Khali – Winner: Khali

The crowd were fairly quiet for this one, but everyone cheered when Khali came out as he wasn’t expected. The crowd were told to shush as Khali did a chop on Jinder at the turnbuckles and then the crowd cheered.

Bella Twins vs AJ and Tamina – Winner: Bellas

This was a short match- 10mins max. AJ seemed fine as she came out with Tamina and was in the ring first, but then tagged Tamina in and did her usual antics on the apron. AJ was tagged in and then pinned by Brie I think (I couldn’t see through the crowd). Tamina put AJ over her shoulder and took her back up the ramp. The Bellas then shook hands with the crowd and posed at the top of the ramp.

R-Truth vs Curtis Axel – Winner: Curtis Axel

This was a match for the IC title. Truth came out to lots of cheers with everyone joining in the ‘what’s up’. Axel came out to boos and spent the start of the match outside the ring arguing with the crowd working his way around while Truth was getting annoyed waiting for him. The match was actually better than I expected, good near falls and Axel also mocked Truth’s dancing which got him a lot of heat. Axel got the pin, but then Truth attacked him after the bell to cheers. Axel then went up the ramp on his knees clutching the title.

After Truth went Chimel was talking about merch for sale, but Axel came out and interrupted him bragging about still being IC champ.

Axel came out again – Chimel beat him down to cheers, then Nikki Bella came out to the ring and hugged/kissed Chimel apparently (I couldn’t see from where i was), then left. Think this may have been just some end of tour fun.

The Usos vs Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater – Winner: Usos

It was a nice surprise to see both Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater as only Drew and Jinder were in the resort guide as appearing. The Usos were cheered a lot and boos for Drew and Heath. Good match with lots of tagging, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Justin Gabriel vs Ryback – Winner: Ryback

Justin Gabriel came out to some cheers and got in the ring quickly. Ryback came out to some boos, and when he got to the ring he walked around the outside talking about big his arms are, etc. which got him a lot of boos. Guess him talking about how ‘big’ he is, is his new gimmick. Good match and Gabriel was brilliant. Ryback won to boos.

Paul Heyman came out when they both left, in a neck, back and leg brace. He hobbled his way to the ring and started talking about what Punk did to him, and started crying but then turned and said he hated the crowd, he even said something like ‘I hate that kangaroo you have with you, oh sorry that’s your child!’ to A LOT of boos, it was fantastic!

Punk’s music hit and the place went nuts. He came out and started to walk down the ramp before turning around and going back, then he came out again with a kendo stick. He started talking to Heyman saying he was going to get him and Heyman’s voice was breaking as he pleaded with him but Punk was being cheered and went for Heyman with the stick.

As Punk attacked Heyman the Wyatt’s music hit. They came out in the dark and when the lights came up Luke and Eric were in the ring and attacked Punk. Daniel Bryan then came out to save Punk and Luke/Eric retreated to ringside. Paul Heyman rolled out the ring and curled up in the corner by the steel steps but hobbled out as the match started. Everyone where I was sat were laughing at him.

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family – Winner: Punk & Bryan

As Punk and Bryan stared at Luke/Eric the bell rang and they got back in the ring with Bray in the rocking chair at ringside. This was a great match – when Bryan was tagged in Punk was really working the crowd getting them to ‘yes’ and also was hilariously shaking at the ropes Warrior style. The crowd were booing the Wyatt’s and cheering Punk/Bryan the whole match. The crowd were on their feet so I didn’t see what happened but Punk and Bryan won.

The Wyatt’s left, Punk and Bryan went around the crowd for a while and Punk was signing stuff. When Punk got to the top of the ramp he praised the crowd and shouted thank you. The crowd loved him.

Everyone seemed quite happy and usually the last show of the tour feels rushed but this was a great show, I think the good crowd helped with that.

Most heat:

Curtis Axel, Paul Heyman, The Wyatts

Biggest pops:

R-Truth, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.