WWE Survivor Series Results: Cena And Orton Face Off, Big Return, More

- The 2013 WWE Survivor Series Kickoff pre-show kicks off with tonight's panel – Josh Mathews, Bret Hart, Booker T and Mick Foley. The Hall of Famers hype tonight's pay-per-view. They talk about tonight's pre-show match, The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston. Booker predicts Kofi will win, Foley predicts The Miz will win and Bret goes with Miz also.


- We go backstage to Renee Young in the social media lounge. The hashtag for tonight is #SurvivorSeries. They're asking for fans to tweet or post their Survivor Series dream teams on Facebook and Twitter. Renee's is Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, William Regal, Trish Stratus and The Gobbledy Gooker.

- We get hype for Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena.

- The Usos are backstage putting on their war paint when Goldust and Cody Rhodes walk up. Rey Mysterio also appears. Everyone says they're ready for war tonight. Goldust and Cody say it's all about teamwork tonight.

- We see fans getting their concessions as Bret talks about what it's like to compete in a Survivor Series elimination match. Foley expects The Usos to shine. Booker says they all have to work as a team. Foley says if he was on the other team, he would look at Rey as the weak link and go after his knee. Booker says Rey is no weak link and it's going to get crunk tonight.


- Renee Young is backstage with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Bryan says they can be ruthless, violent and unreasonable, just like The Wyatt Family. Bryan says they like challenges and have been overcoming them ever since entering WWE. Bryan says they will come out on top tonight. Punk says he and Bryan aren't intimidated by The Wyatts, they're not afraid of the dark. Punk says The Wyatts have bitten off more than they can chew. Punk says they are The GOATS – the Greatest of All Teams. Punk tells everyone to get ready because they're coming.

- The announcers talk about Punk and Bryan vs. The Wyatts as we go to JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

We go to the ring and out first comes Kofi Kingston. The Miz is out next.

Miz extends his hand for a handshake but Kofi is hesitant. They shake hands and lock up and go at it. They trade roll ups and pin attempts for a few minutes before breaking and locking up. More back and forth. Miz with an inverted atomic drop and a Figure Four attempt but Kofi kicks him off. Miz ducks Trouble in Paradise. Kofi kicks Miz in the jaw and sends him over the top rope.

Kofi leaps out with a suicide dive as we go to break.

Back from the break and Kofi has Miz down on the mat. Miz fights out but Kofi mounts him in the corner with punches. Miz dumps Kofi to the apron and drops him with a big boot. Miz drags Kofi to the middle of the ring and covers for 2. Miz keeps control until Kofi stomps on his chest. Kofi makes a comeback and nails a dropkick. Kofi with a big clothesline and the Boom Drop. Miz ducks Trouble in Paradise but Kofi rolls him up for a 2 count. Miz blocks SOS. Miz nails a backbreaker but Kofi blocks him. Kofi nails SOS for another 2 count. Miz drops Kofi on the top rope and goes for the Figure Four. Kofi turns it into a small package for 2. Miz runs into a kick in the corner. Kofi goes up top and nails a crossbody for 2. Kofi with a running kick to the face, and another. Kofi goes for a third kick but Miz ducks and goes for Skull Crushing Finale. Kofi counters with a roll up but Miz counters that with a roll up for the win.


Winner: The Miz

- After the match, The Miz extends his hand again but Kofi slaps him in the face. Kofi leaves the ring with Miz looking shocked.

- We go backstage to Renee Young in the social media lounge for more Facebook and Twitter plugs.

- We go back to the Hall of Famers and Josh Mathews. They talk about tonight's WWE Title match.

- The 2013 WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view kicks off with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon coming to the stage. Stephanie talks about how they guaranteed no interference in the WWE Title match tonight but Triple H reveals they are allowing no interference in any match tonight. We're kicking off with a 5-on-5 elimination match. We go to an opening video.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and The Usos vs. The Shield and The Real Americans

We go to the ring and out first comes Rey Mysterio to a big pop. The Usos are out next followed by WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust. We see Ricardo Rodriguez is assisting with Spanish commentary tonight. Zeb Colter is out next with Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. Zeb rips Boston, Red Sox player David Ortiz and acts like he's twerking, resulting in a pulled muscle. Cody takes the mic and tells Zeb nobody paid to hear him talk. The Shield's music hits next and out comes Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose through the crowd.


Cody and Ambrose start things out and go at it. Cody drops Ambrose with a right hand. Ambrose strikes back with a kick to the gut and works Cody over in the corner. Cody kicks Ambrose in the face but Ambrose drops him with a knee to the gut. Ambrose with stomps and kicks in the corner now. Ambrose keeps pushing the referee way and gets in his face for an argument. Cody rolls Ambrose up while he's arguing with the referee. Ambrose is eliminated.

Ambrose argues with the referee some more until Cody knocks him out of the ring. The Usos end up getting into it with The Shield and The Real Americans. One Uso leaps out onto Rollins and Reigns, the other leaps out onto Swagger and Cesaro. Things settle down and it's Cody in control of Rollins with a 2 count. Goldust tags in to a big pop and goes to work on Rollins. Goldust with a big back drop and a 2 count. Cesaro tags himself in but Goldust keeps control. Swagger tags himself in and runs over Goldust. Swagger rams Goldust into the corner and works him over with knees to the gut. Cesaro with a cheap shot on Goldust. Swagger tags Cesaro back in for some double teaming.

Swagger comes back in with another big slam on Goldust for a 2 count. Swagger with a clothesline and a Swagger Bomb. Cesaro tags in for more double teaming. Cesaro stomps Goldust's chest and slips on him before covering for a 2 count. Cesaro with a headlock now. Goldust fights to his feet and backslides Cesaro for a 2 count. Goldust nails a big DDT. Cesaro gets up and hits a big gutwrench slam. Goldust knocks his opponents off the apron and slams Cesaro. Swagger comes back in with a Swagger Bomb but Goldust counters. Rey tags in and unloads on Swagger. Rey nails the bulldog and kicks Swagger in the face. Swagger catches Rey for a gutwrench powerbomb but Rey fights out. Rey tags in Jimmy Uso, hits 619 on Swagger. Swagger turns around to a big kick from Uso. Jey Uso tags in and nails a Superfly Splash for the pin. Swagger is eliminated.


Cesaro tags in and goes at it with Uso. Cesaro nails a big Cesaro Swing. The other Uso runs in and Cesaro nails a big Cesaro Swing on him also. The crowd pops big for Cesaro. Cody tags in and tangles with Cesaro before rolling him up for the pin. Cesaro is eliminated.

It's down to 5 on 2 now. Rollins tells Reigns to take Cody out and he charges. They go at it until one of the Usos tags in and takes control of Reigns. The other Uso tags in for some double teaming in the corner. Reigns runs over Uso with an elbow to the jaw and tags in Rollins for some double teaming in their corner. Rollins stomps away. More tags and double teaming from Rollins and Reigns. Rollins back drops Uso for a close 2 count. Uso makes a comeback and dumps Rollins out to the floor. Reigns stops him from making a tag but Uso kicks him off. Jimmy tags in and unloads on Reigns. Reigns comes back but gets caught in a big Samoan Drop. Uso with the big splash in the corner and another 2 count. Uso goes to the top but Reigns cuts him off and climbs up. Uso knocks Reigns to the mat but splashes onto his knees. Reigns nails a big spear for the pin. Jimmy Uso is eliminated.

Cody comes in with a missile dropkick and more offense on Reigns. Cody nails a big moonsault for a 2 count. Rollins blocks a Disaster Kick but Cody goes for Cross Rhodes. Rollins blocks that but Cody blocks him again. Reigns tags in as Cody drops Rollins with Cross Rhodes. Reigns nails a big spear on Cody for the win. Cody is eliminated.


Jey Uso tags in and unloads on Reigns, taking him to the floor and throwing him into the barrier. They come back in the ring. Reigns ducks a big splash and tags in Rollins. Rollins stomps on Uso's head and covers for the pin. Jey Uso is eliminated.

Rollins and Rey go at it now. Rollins stomps away and talks some trash. Rollins rolls Rey up but Rey kicks him in the face and covers for a 2 count. Rey goes to the top but Rollins cuts him off. Rey ends up upside down in the corner. Rollins with a huge running dropkick to the face. Reigns comes in and tosses Rey across the mat, causing him to just slide right out of the ring and face first into the barrier. Goldust goes to check on Rey. Rey makes it back in the ring at the 8 count. Reigns goes for a spear but Rey moves and he hits the ring post. Rollins tags in and kicks Goldust off the apron to stop the tag. Rollins whips Rey into the turnbuckle and puts him on his shoulders. Rey counters and rolls Rollins up for the pin. Rollins is eliminated.

Rollins beats Rey down before he's forced to leave the ring. It's Reigns vs. Mysterio and Goldust now. Reigns beats Rey in the corner and talks some trash. Rey with a kick to the face. Rey slides for a tag but can't make it. Rey nails an enziguri and drops Reigns face first into the turnbuckle. Goldust tags in and unloads on Reigns. Back and forth. Goldust with the big right hand and a spinebuster for 2. Goldust mounts Reigns with right hands in the corner now. Goldust with a big powerslam for another pin attempt. Reigns rams Goldust in the corner but gets hit with a right. Goldust with a crossbody from the top for a 2 count. Goldust with a clothesline. Reigns blocks the bulldog and nails a spear for the pin. Goldust is eliminated.


Rey springboards in but Reigns catches him. Rey counters and drops Reigns for 619. Rey runs the ropes but Reigns cuts him off with a huge spear for the pin.

Winner: Roman Reigns

- Kane is backstage with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H when Randy Orton walks in and interrupts. He wants to make sure they're all on the same page about him getting respect. Stephanie pokes at him. Triple H tells Orton he's The Viper, the face of WWE. Stephanie tells him to go prove it and Orton storms off.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel vs. Big E Langston

We go to the ring and out first comes Curtis Axel. WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston is out next to a pop from the crowd.

They lock up and Axel applies a headlock. Big E turns it around and slams Axel on his face. They trade quick pin attempts and lock up again. Axel works on Big E's arm. Big E powers out and slams Axel. More back and forth out of the corner. They run the ropes and Big E nails a big shoulder tackle. Big E rams Axel into the corner and lifts him high in the air before hitting a big clothesline and another pin attempt.

They go to the floor and end up on the apron. Axel knocks Big E off. Axel runs and leaps off the apron with a clothesline. Axel brings Big E back in the ring for a 2 count. Axel with knees to the face and a neckbreaker for a 2 count. More back and forth. Axel with a cheap shot to the knee and a Perfectplex for a 2 count. Axel misses a splash in the corner. Big E runs into an elbow. Axel goes to the top but Big E catches him on the way down. Big E counters the neckbreaker and nails The Big Ending for the win.


Winner: Big E Langston

- After the match, Renee Young interviews Big E in the ring. He gets a pop for mentioning Boston and comparing his win to the Red Sox winning the World Series.

- AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka are backstage. She's trying to give them a pep talk but is talking down to them. None of them are inspired and don't buy it. Kaitlyn wonders why any of them should trust her. AJ rips them some more. She says none of them are on Total Divas because they're not wanted. AJ tells them to start their own show by stealing this one tonight and walks off.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Eva Marie, Jo Jo, Natalya, Cameron, Naomi and The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae

We go to the ring and out comes the cast of Total Divas to their theme song. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is out next with her partners. We see footage of Alicia and Eva Marie helping at the Boston Food Bank on Saturday.

Naomi and Alicia start the match going at it. They trade pin attempts. Alicia with a running boot in the corner. Alicia takes Naomi to the top but Naomi sends her to the mat. Naomi with a split-legged moonsault for the pin. Alicia Fox is eliminated.


Rosa comes in and dodges a Rear View. Cameron tags in and they double team Rosa. Cameron covers for a 2 count. Cameron takes Rosa to the corner and slams her head into the turnbuckle. Cameron whips Rosa hard into the corner but Rosa charges and nails her in the face. Rosa covers Cameron for the pin. Cameron is eliminated.

Nikki Bella comes in while Rosa is dancing. Nikki drops her and pins her. Rosa is eliminated. Summer Rae comes in and dances in Nikki's face. Nikki responds by doing The Worm to a pop. Summer dances and does a split. Nikki dropkicks her in the face and pins her. Summer Rae is eliminated.

Kaitlyn comes in. Eva tags in for her team and the crowd boos her. Kaitlyn drops Eva with knees to the gut and covers for the pin. Eva is eliminated. Naomi comes in and goes at it with Kaitlyn. Naomi with some offense until Kaitlyn hits her with a knee to the gut also for a pin. Naomi is eliminated.

Brie Bella comes in and goes at it with Kaitlyn. Brie dodges a spear and nails a missile dropkick for the pin. Kaitlyn is eliminated. Aksana comes in and Brie unloads on her. AJ attacks from behind, allowing Aksana to nail a spinebuster on Brie for the pin. Brie Bella is eliminated. Nikki comes in and drops Aksana over her shoulders with a backbreaker for the pin. Aksana is eliminated.


Tamina comes in with headbutts on Nikki. She knocks Natalya off the apron after working Nikki over. Tamina goes back to Nikki and beats her down in the corner. Tamina with a suplex and a hard whip into the corner. Nikki comes back with a botched enziguri. Nikki goes for a tag but Natalya is down on the floor and she is hesitant to tag in Jo Jo but does. Tamina laughs as Jo Jo enters the ring. Tamina shoves her to the mat and taunts her. AJ smiles as Tamina bullies Jo Jo. Tamina runs into boots in the corner. Jo Jo comes off the top but Tamina catches her. Jo Jo counters and rolls Tamina up for 2. Tamina comes back and drops Jo Jo. Tamina with a Samoan Drop. She tags in AJ, who skips around the ring to a pop. AJ covers for the pin. Jo Jo is eliminated.

Natalya comes in and goes at it with Tamina, who tagged in. Tamina takes control and slams Natalya before going to the top. Natalya rolls out of the way of a Superfly Splash. Natalya makes Tamina submit with the Sharpshooter. Tamina is eliminated. AJ runs right in and breaks the hold by hitting AJ. Cole keeps saying these are the last two but Nikki hasn't been eliminated yet. They go at it until Natalya gets the win via Sharpshooter. Nikki runs in the ring to celebrate but the announcers keep referring to Natalya being the winner and she is announced as the only winner.


Winner: Natalya

- We go backstage and Randy Orton tries bullying referee Charles Robinson into calling things in his favor later tonight. Robinson says he's going to do what The Authority said and walks off.

- We go back to our Hall of Fame panel to discuss what's happened so far. They all get introduced to big pops from the crowd.

- Before the Hall of Famers can speak about the pay-per-view, Ryback's music hits and out he comes to the stage. He rips the Hall of Famers and calls them cowards. Ryback heads to the ring and issues an open challenge as fans start the Goldberg chants. Ryback talks about how he's bigger and badder. He tells someone to come out and prove him wrong. Out comes Mark Henry to a big pop with his new look.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

The bell rings and Ryback takes Henry to the corner. They break and Ryback runs his mouth. Henry shoves Ryback back into the ropes and tells him to bring it. Ryback with offense until Henry drops him with a big shoulder. Henry scoops Ryback for a slam but Ryback slides out and takes Henry down by his knee. Ryback with a splash and a 2 count.

Ryback with a suplex on Henry as the Goldberg chants start again. Ryback charges in the corner but Henry moves and Ryback hits the ring post, falling out to the floor. Henry comes back and charges into Ryback with a headbutt for a 2 count. Ryback goes back to work on Henry's knee. Henry comes back with a powerslam. Ryback blocks a World's Strongest Slam and nails a spinebuster. Henry blocks a Meathook clothesline with a big splash, almost a crossbody. Henry came off his feet there. Henry nails a World's Strongest Slam for the win.


Winner: Mark Henry

- We go to the Hall of Fame panel to discuss tonight's World Heavyweight Title match. They also air a promo video for the match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

We see a trainer backstage looking at John Cena's injured arm as Alberto Del Rio makes his way out waving a Mexican flag. Out next comes World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to a big hometown pop. Lilian Garcia does official ring introductions and Cena gets the pop again.

Back and forth to start the match. They run the ropes and Del Rio hits a high hip toss and takes Cena into a headlock. More back and forth. Del Rio plays leap frog and kicks Cena's leg out. Del Rio with a suplex and a 2 count. Del Rio with another hold on Cena's injured arm now. Cena powers up with Del Rio on his shoulders but Del Rio slides out and clotheslines Cena for a 2 count. Cena rolls to the apron for a breather but Del Rio uses the ropes on his injured arm. Del Rio goes to the top and comes down with a shot to Cena's arm. Cena rolls to the floor and Del Rio follows. Del Rio goes for a shot into the steps but Cena blocks it and fights him off. Del Rio turns it around and whips Cena arm first into the steel steps.


Del Rio brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Del Rio with more stomps before going to the top again. Del Rio comes crashing down and lays Cena out again. 2 count by Del Rio. Cena looks to make a comeback but Del Rio moves and Cena runs into the turnbuckles. Del Rio with a big kick to the arm and a boot to the throat. Cena comes back with a shoulder tackle but Del Rio ducks the second one and Cena flies out of the ring. Del Rio follows and rams Cena into the fan barrier. Del Rio stands on the steel steps and mocks the fans with Cena's "you can't see me" gesture. Del Rio comes back in the ring while the referee counts Cena. Cena makes it back in and drops Del Rio's throat over the top. Cena runs in the ring but Del Rio floors him with a clothesline for a 2 count.

Del Rio slides off Cena's shoulders again. Cena comes back and nails two shoulders. Del Rio counters once again and nails a Backstabber for a pin attempt. Del Rio comes off the top rope but Cena dropkicks him on the way down. Cena with more offense. He goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Del Rio kicks him in the face and nails a big DDT for a 2 close count. Del Rio uses the ropes on Cena's arm again. Del Rio runs the ropes and charges but Cena moves and Del Rio lands out on the floor. Del Rio makes it back in at the 9 count. Cena with a back drop and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Del Rio slides out of another AA and nails a German suplex for a 2 count.


Del Rio misses the enziguri. Del Rio blocks the STF. More back and forth into the corner. Cena nails a tornado DDT for a close 2 count. Cena argues with the referee a bit about the count. Cena goes to the top and this time Del Rio nails the enziguri for another 2 count. Dueling chants for Cena now. Del Rio turns Cena upside down in the corner and works him over. Del Rio charges but Cena lifts himself up and Del Rio hits the ring post. Another close pin attempt after Cena hits the top rope leg drop. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a close 2 count. Del Rio gets a "si" chant going and goes for the cross armbreaker but Cena rolls through and applies the STF. Del Rio gets a finger on the bottom rope and the hold is broken.

Del Rio connects with big kicks and covers Cena for a 2 count. Cena counters the cross armbreaker and hits a big neckbreaker for a 2 count. Cena goes back to the top and nails a crossbody but Del Rio rolls through and applies the cross armbreaker on Cena's injured arm. Cena gets to one knee and powers up with Del Rio, dropping him with a powerbomb. More counters. Cena counters the cross armbreaker and nails the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Winner: John Cena


- After the match, Cena greets his family at ringside and shakes hands with some fans before going to the back.

- Santino Marella and R-Truth are backstage arguing about who's going to win Money in the Bank. It turns out they're playing with new Power Slammers toys. Los Matadores appear with El Torito for some comedy. Fandango's music hits and interrupts the fun. John Laurinaitis appears and wants to play also. More comedy before Truth and Santino start playing.

- The announcers acknowledge that Nikki Bella was never eliminated earlier in the Divas match. She and Natalya are announced as the winners.

- We get a promo for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

We go to the ring and out first comes CM Punk. Daniel Bryan is out next to another big pop. The lights go out and Bray Wyatt lights up the lantern. He says "she" told him about Punk and Bryan. Bray says they are the reapers and there's nowhere to run. He blows the light out and they head to the ring.

The lights come on and Bray is in his rocking chair. Harper and Rowan are in the ring staring at Punk and Bryan. The bell rings and here we go. Rowan starts off with Bryan. Bryan ducks a right hand and kicks Rowan. Bryan continues to duck and kick until Rowan shoves him across the ring. Rowan takes Bryan to the corner and beats him down. Bryan turns it around with kicks. Punk tags in and keeps up the attack on Rowan. Punk works on the knee until Rowan clubs him to the mat. Rowan drops Punk in the corner and tags in Harper. Harper works Punk over in the corner before running into a boot. Punk comes crashing down with a 2 count and more offense. Harper turns it around and nails some big chops to the chest. Harper takes Punk back to the corner and tags in Rowan.


Rowan with a big bear hug on Punk now. Punk fights out and goes for a suplex but Rowan counters. Punk slides out and kicks Rowan's knee. Bryan tags in for a double suplex but Rowan blocks it and suplexes both of them at the same time. Rowan takes Bryan to the corner and works him over some more. Bryan drops Rowan into the turnbuckle and tags in Punk for some double team kicking in the corner. Bryan tags right back in for more double teaming. Another tag to Punk for a double backdrop. Punk covers Rowan for a 2 count. Harper comes in and Rowan distracts the referee and Punk, allowing Harper to run over Punk. Rowan tags back in and drops knees on Punk for another 2 count. Rowan keeps Punk grounded as the fans chant his name. Rowan with a knee to the back for another 2 count. Harper tags back in and stomps on Punk's head. Harper drops Punk with a big uppercut now.

Harper with the gator roll on Punk. Punk fights back with chops and kicks on Harper. Harper catches a kick and slams Punk for 2. Harper stands on Punk's hand and tags in Rowan. Rowan with another pin attempt on Punk. Punk nails Harper on the apron and leaps for a tag but Rowan stops it. Rowan shoves Punk into the corner but runs into boots. Punk with a tornado DDT. Harper and Bryan tag in. Bryan with kicks as the fans chant "yes." Bryan keeps control and hits a clothesline before sending Harper to the floor. Bryan leaps out with a suicide dive and sends Harper into the barrier. Bryan brings it back in and goes to the top. Bryan with a missile dropkick for a 2 count. It appears Harper hurt his knee on the floor. Bryan with kicks. Harper counters the roundhouse but Bryan slides out of a powerbomb. Bryan takes Harper up top for a hurricanrana but Harper turns it into a sitdown powerbomb for a 2 count as Punk makes the save.


Rowan comes in and just tosses Punk over the top rope. Fans chant "this is awesome" as Wyatt tells his guys to punish them. Rowan with a splash on Bryan for a 2 count. Harper with another big slam, and another. Rowan with a third big body slam for a 2 count. Rowan kicks Punk off the apron as he crawls up from the floor. Harper comes in and keeps control, catapulting Bryan under the second rope. Harper with another 2 count. Bryan fights them both off with right hands but Harper tosses him back with a big suplex. Harper charges Punk on the apron but Punk kicks him in the head. Punk tries to rally the fans now. Bryan starts to get up as fans chant "yes" again. Punk springboards in and takes out Harper. Punk unloads on Harper and dropkicks him. Rowan throws the sheep mask in but Punk kicks it out of the ring. Punk knocks Rowan off the apron. Punk goes to the top and leaps out onto Bray and Rowan on the floor instead of elbow dropping Harper. Punk comes back in and dodges a clothesline. Punk with a neckbreaker on Harper. Punk goes to the top and nails the big elbow drop for a 2 count.

Fans chant Randy Savage's name after the elbow drop. Punk goes for GTS on Harper but Rowan stops it. Bryan runs in and takes out Rowan with the knees. Punk ducks a clothesline from Harper and nails GTS for the win.


Winners: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

- After the bell, we see Bray trying to get up on the floor. He looks upset as Bryan and Punk start to celebrate before replays. Bray stares down Punk and Bryan before taking his shirt off to hit the ring and fight. Bray gets on the apron but drops back before getting in. Punk, Bryan and the fans chant "yes" but Bray just laughs. The Wyatt Family leaves as Bryan's music plays and fans continue chanting.

- Cena is backstage with a trainer, Stephanie and Triple H. The trainer says Cena will be good to go for RAW tomorrow night. Orton storms in and Cena leaves so they can handle their business. Orton asks what that was about and why Cena was there before storming off.

- We get a promo video for tonight's main event.

WWE Title Match: Big Show vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring and out first comes Big Show. WWE Champion Randy Orton is out next. We get formal ring introductions from Justin Roberts.

Big Show charges and Orton drops out of the ring and retreats to the floor. He comes back in and Big Show gets him, casing him to stumble on the rope. Show takes Orton to the corner and works him over. Show nails a huge chop in the corner, and another. Show with more shots in the corner before Orton goes down and he stands on him. Show palms Orton's head coming back in but Orton takes advantage but Show turns it right back around and goes for a pin attempt. Show with more chops in the corner. Show runs and nails a splash but Orton comes right back with a dropkick.


Orton keeps Show down with kicks. Orton runs and drops knees on Show for a 2 count. Show powers up with Orton on his back but Orton has a sleeper hold locked. A "boring" chant starts and Show slams Orton back. Show with clotheslines and a back splash in the corner. Show knocks Orton down with a shoulder. Show calls for a chokeslam and Orton rolls out to the floor. Show follows and throws Orton into the steel steps. Show grabs him again and throws him into the other set of steel steps. Show brings Orton back in the ring and tries to climb up to the top. Orton cuts him off with kicks. Orton tries for a draping DDT from the top rope but Show's legs fall off the turnbuckle. Orton drops Show with a regular DDT and poses as the crowd boos.

Show blocks a RKO and chokeslams Orton for a close 2 count. Show readies for the knockout punch and Orton rolls back out to the floor. Show follows but Orton fights back. Show throws Orton into the ropes and he hits the referee, sending Charles Robinson to the mat. Orton fights back and sends Show into the steel steps. Orton sees the referee down and grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Show blocks it, knocks it to the floor and throws Orton over the fan barrier. Show beats Orton through the crowd a little bit before bringing him back to ringside. Orton drops Show's face over the fan barrier. Orton goes for a draping DDT on the barrier but Show drops him with a big knockout punch. Orton is down on the floor and the referee is still out in the ring.


Show rolls Orton in the ring as the referee gets up. Triple H's music hits and out he comes with Kane and Stephanie McMahon to the stage. Show is distracted, allowing Orton to nail a RKO. Orton goes for a punt kick and nails it for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

- After the bell, Stephanie and Triple H applaud Orton and start walking down the ramp as Kane follows about half of the way. Orton celebrates with the WWE Title as John Cena's music hits and out he comes to the stage. Cena holds up the World Heavyweight Title in the air and walks to the ring. Cena enters the ring and raises his title to a big pop. Cena has words with Orton and raises the World Title to him. Orton raises his title back but Cena gets a bigger pop again. Survivor Series goes off the air with Orton and Cena in the middle of the ring holding their titles.