– WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee spoke to Josh Mathews on the WWE App during last night’s RAW. AJ lashed out at Mathews for suggesting Natalya may be the favorite in their title match at TLC. AJ wondered how many more Total Divas she has to defeat and how many more months she has to defend her title against women who don’t deserve it. AJ promised she will win at TLC.

– Renee Young spoke with Xavier Woods and R-Truth after the tag match against Brodus Clay and Tensai on last night’s RAW. Woods taunted Clay and said they were supposed to be good but Clay had a problem with him first.

– Renee also caught up with Tensai and Brodus after they almost came to blows following their loss. Clay admitted he lost his cool and wanted the world to see him apologize to Tensai for pushing him. Clay and Tensai embraced before telling Renee they were good. Brodus promised Tensai it won’t happen again.