Alternate WWE Network Logo Designs, Cena & Daughtry, WWE Main Event Pre-Empted, Ratings

- The International Object Podcast has an interview with John Lefteratos, who designed the WWE Network logo, at this link.

- You can also check out over a dozen alternate WWE Network logo designs on Lefteratos' Behance page by clicking here.

- WWE Main Event will be pre-empted on Christmas Day and on New Year's Day. It will return to its normal time slot on January 8, 2014.

- Speaking of WWE Main Event, last Wednesday's episode garnered a 0.35 rating and averaged 1.319 million viewers.

- Rocker Chris Daughtry posted a photo of himself and John Cena at this year's Tribute to the Troops on his Facebook page, which you can check out below:

Willie and Michael Ferro contributed to this article.


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