Anderson Silva Return Update, Ronda Rousey's Reaction To Silva's Injury (Video), Sonnen On Silva

- Though there were many remarkable fights with significant outcomes over the weekend at UFC 168, the shock from Anderson Silva's gruesome injury is still dominating our collective conscience. One of the fighters whose victory is currently being overshadowed by the legend's leg break is Ronda Rousey; in the video above, you can watch Rousey react to the fracture-heard-round-the-world while backstage in her dressing room at UFC 168.

- For fans of The Spider concerned about the all-time great's well-being, Silva posted a message to his Instagram shortly after his successful surgery assuring everyone that he's doing okay.

"I want to thank all my fans and friends for their support and caring messages, I'm fine now and I need to be with my family, a good rest with my children and wife will help me in recovery. Thanks Brazil," wrote Silva.

And for those hoping that the injury doesn't spell the end to Silva's career, there may be some good news. According to Dr. Steven Sanders - the UFC's orthopedic surgeon who repaired the injury - Silva could be looking to return to action. Sanders recently revealed that Silva's only question prior to surgery was, "When can I train again?"

Whether or not Silva will actually ever return to the cage remains to be seen, but he will certainly be out of action for most of 2014 rehabbing his injured leg. However, it was noted that the injury could have been worse had it broken through the skin and if he did not receive immediate attention.

- Of course, if one is to believe Chael Sonnen's prognosis, it's more likely than not that the former champ has seen his last rodeo. On the Fox Sports 1 post-fight show, Sonnen revealed that he believes Silva would have retired if he'd won back the belt and will almost certainly stay out of the game now that the fight ended as it did.

"I believe if Anderson left the fight healthy and with the belt, he would have retired," Sonnen said. "For him to come back after this, it's wishful at best."

Though the surgeon's prognosis and Sonnen's differ, only time will tell Silva's fate in fighting.


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