Backstage News On Stephanie Becoming The New Face Of WWE, Recent Corporate Changes

Regarding the recent WWE corporate changes, Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon's new job is to enhance the reputation of WWE to advertisers, media, investors, business partners and the public at large to enhance family participation. As the brand ambassador, Stephanie will essentially be the business face of the company. She will also head marketing programs aimed at kids and mothers. Her duties are going to be no longer on the creative side, which as noted last week, are now pretty much handled by Triple H and Vince McMahon.

Stephanie noted to The Wrestling Observer in Santa Clara this week that since she is also a talent, she may have ideas at times but as far as working creative on a day-to-day basis, she will no longer be part of that process. Stephanie was always more of an administrator in creative than an idea person and the person running creative at the end of the day, the real head writer is, was, and for the foreseeable future, is Vince McMahon. However, Triple H will take over the administrative parts of the creative department. Employees running the digital side of the company, who had reported to her, will now report directly to Vince.

George Barrios, who had his title has changed from Chief Financial Officer to Chief Strategy and Financial Officer, is now overseeing company strategic planning and taking over all television operations, which means he's going to be the guy who oversees and is in charge of the new Network. Barrios is also in charge of the new TV deals and will remain in charge of company financial planning and investor relations. Michelle Wilson, who had her title changed from Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, will now oversee all of the company revenue streams, not just the merchandising and marketing side. She'll also be responsible for sponsorship sales, pay-per-view and new business development, as well as the Network.

According to one WWE insider, Barrios and Wilson are both in a position to make huge money if the Network succeeds and if they get strong TV rights fees increases and essentially could wind up as the most important non-McMahon/Levesque people in the company.

All of this means that Stephanie is going to be the new face of the company. Stephanie's role is to be the transition of the image away from WWE being a Vince McMahon company, and make it a friendly face for women, mothers in particular, and kids.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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