– There was a pitch recently to turn Cameron, Naomi, Tensai and Brodus Clay to heels but now that Total Divas has signed on for a second season, the production company actually put pressure on WWE not to turn Cameron and Naomi because they want them to remain likeable on the show. However, Tensai and Clay will be turning soon. The idea is to push them as a top heel team.

– For what it’s worth, there’s a feeling within WWE that Randy Orton may come out of TLC as the winner largely because it’s a TLC match and that means John Cena can lose without being pinned or submitted.

– People in WWE are well aware that Total Divas is a scripted reality show with everyone playing a role, except in the case of Eva Marie. For whatever reason, she remains the only girl who many in the company can’t stand despite only really knowing her from what they see on the show.