Big E Says There's Been Talk Of Batista Returning; Talks John Cena, Wanting Match With Undertaker

Chad Dukes of Chad Dukes and CBS Radio had the chance to catch up with WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston for an interview earlier this interview. During the interview, Langston talked about a possible Batista return when talking about dream opponents, John Cena as a mentor and more. You can check out the full interview here, some highlights are below:

Dream opponents: "There are a few guys. For me it's kinda cool to think about guys you grew up and you idolized. Undertaker has a spot where he has that allure, and that mystique, and everyone always kinda goes to Undertaker as being their guy, and rightfully so. I was also a huge Vader fan, so if they were ever able to bring him back for one, I think that would be cool as well.Proofread this. I know there's been talk possibly, and I have no idea if it's gonna happen, about Batista possibly coming back. You know guys like that, you grew up watching idolized, you know they're all kind a dreams who knows if they'll ever come to fruition."

His relationship with John Cena: "He's been very helpful over the past few years, even before I got called up. Just giving me advice, he opened up the weight room to me. I live about 15 minutes away from his gym.Visit Wrestling Inc. He's been very helpful, just kinda giving me pointers throughout the way, just giving me advice, and really just trying to be a mentor in many ways. I'm really grateful for him taking time to help and guide me. Honestly, he's done that for a lot of younger talent, people just don't see that."

Source: Chad Dukes Wrestling Show


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