Candice Michelle Undergoing Surgery On WWE Injury, Mark Henry Attempts To Bench 765-Pounds

- Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle will be undergoing surgery Thursday on an injury that has lingered since her time in WWE.

"Finally getting my broken nose fixed tom!" she wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. "From @TheBethPhoenix 7yrs ago took a head butt to the nose. I should send her the bill!"

Michelle considers herself retired after being unceremoniously released from her contract with WWE in June 2009. She did, however, return to the ring in September for a one-off appearance as a referee at an independent wrestling event featuring numerous former WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts.

- The official Instagram of WWE published this photo of Mark Henry attempting to bench press 765-poundsówith help from Sheamus. In a 2009 interview, Henry revealed that he can bench press "close to 600 pounds." However, he added, "the bench press is the most limited, and the least functional of all the lifts. I've squatted 1006 pounds, and I've deadlifted 900 pounds consistently, which is my forte. There have been very few 900 pound deadlifters, ever."


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