– Chris Jericho recently spoke to Australian-based music website Spaceship News about wrestling, touring and Fozzy’s upcoming tour with Steel Panther. During the interview, the multi-time champion was asked about his plans for 2014.

“F**k, I don’t know about the next 12 months, only the next two,” responded Jericho. “I started a podcast which is a big hit right off the bat and the first episode did really well, so that’s kind of a priority. Doing this Fozzy record is a priority and finishing this third book is a priority, so I’ve got all those things rolling right now.”

Jericho is known for often changing up his character. He is asked, “How does that desire to do something new every time manifest itself in Fozzy and your other creative pursuits?”

“Well, I mean, I’ve always been a creative person. I’ve always been into rock ‘n’ roll and I’ve always been into wrestling. Those are the two things I’ve wanted to do my whole life so I think that the coolest thing for me is I’ve had a chance to live both of those dreams, and they’re both very similar from a creative standpoint. I’m a creative person and I need to stay creative, so anything that I do within the Chris Jericho banner falls under the creative realm. It’s how I’ve always been and how I’ll always continue to be,” responds Jericho

The full interview is available here.

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