As noted earlier, Steve Austin was the first guest on Chris Jericho’s new podcast, Talk Is Jericho. I finished the first part, and am halfway through the second, and the show really is a must listen.

During the first episode, Austin and Jericho discussed first meeting each other, Bobby Eaton, music, the business and more. They also talked about The Undertaker, who Jericho labelled a “sweetheart of a guy.” Jericho said that he has probably never met a cooler guy than ‘Taker, and told a story about trying to get ‘Taker to allow him to kiss him on the lips in a bar in Tokyo “for three hours.” ‘Taker eventually gave in – a little – and allowed Jericho to kiss him on the cheek.

Austin talked about working with ‘Taker early in their careers in Dallas, TX, and called him a real cool cat. Austin noted that he came up with the design for the original Austin 3:16 shirt with the skull on the back, but Vince McMahon wanted him to get The Undertaker’s approval since skulls kind of went with Undertaker’s gimmick. Austin asked ‘Taker if he was cool with the shirt design, and he replied, “go for it bro.”

You can check out part 1 at this link, the discussion about The Undertaker starts at the 29:20 mark. Part 2 is here.