At UFC 162 this past July, Chris Weidman emerged undeniably victorious over the greatest MMA fighter we’ve seen so far. He knocked Anderson Silva out cold, leaving no question as to the validity of his win.

Ahead of their UFC 168 rematch though, Weidman is considered by many to be the underdog. Most cite the fact that Silva was unfocused, or didn’t take Weidman seriously; but, either way, they’re picking the former champ to win. To hear Weidman tell it though, it’s nothing he’s taking personal.

“It’s one of those things you’ve gotta expect,” said the champ. “I fought Anderson Silva, he’s known as one of the greatest of all time. He’s been in the sport for such a long time. He’s done such great things. So, people can’t fathom the fact that he actually lost and they can’t imagine seeing it happen twice. But, it’s good – some of my friends can make more money on me.”

While confident he can repeat the outcome of the first bout – or at least find some way to win again – Weidman also knows that Silva reigned as champion for so long for a reason. He doesn’t expect Silva to go out easy, and predicts nothing less than a battle come Saturday night.

“(I expect) an exciting fight,” he predicted. “We’re both winners; he doesn’t wanna come in and lose again and I’m not trying to lose for my first time. I think both of us are going in here to win this fight. It’s gonna be an all out war. I think we’re both gonna be ready for a war but going for the finish the whole time. We’re both finishers, so it’s gonna be an exciting fight.”

Find out whether or not Weidman can make lightning strike twice this Saturday night at UFC 168 in Las Vegas. Don’t forget to check back for our live, round-by-round coverage of the fights.