Cody Rhodes Talks Wanting To Win WWE Championship, Dustin Returning, Dusty Rhodes' Legacy

Cody Rhodes recently spoke with The Kingston Whig-Standard to promote WWE's upcoming live event in Toronto. Here are some highlights:

His dad Dusty's legacy:

"I think my dad is a pro wrestler, and he's one of the, in my mind and I'm very non-biased of my family; he wasn't my favourite because I wasn't his audience but as far as looking back on it, he's a top-five professional wrestler for me. And he was one of the guys, one of THE visionaries, like Vince (McMahon), like Eric Bischoff, like Bill Watts. He was one of those visionaries who saw wrestling bigger than wrestling. Yeah, they were still a part of the sport, but they saw the entertainment value, the big-show value, like Starrcade. As much as he gets credit for being a performer, I think he should be given as much credit though for how him and Vince, going head to head, with the big show, for as long as they were that's helped us get to the point today where we're doing the WrestleMania 31 press conference before we're doing WrestleMania 30. It's such an event."

His brother Dustin:

"If you look at Dustin's situation now, I think it's an open book. There's more left to give, as Dustin has found out. And the audience has more to give him. I don't know, really, Dustin's personal issues and his personal struggles and the triumphs he's made over them if his career would have been different, but I know that he's not leaving it up to a 'what if?' Because here he is with this character that he built that was ahead of its time that was part of a great generation of sports entertainment and he's presenting it to a new audience, in a PG fashion, which is difficult enough, and I'm not trying to be an a--hole here, but him and I have the best matches of the show. We have ever since we've been together. And that's a huge honor, that's a huge responsibility and it's a huge honor. You can say what you want about the future of the industry, he's helping out the future by being there with me. He's got a place in it right now just as much as they do and I really like that."

His goal:

"I'm obsessed with my industry and I don't treat it like a job, so very much at the end of the day, the goals are very simple, it's the WWE championship or the World Heavyweight championship and if it's just one championship, then it's that. It's that position. With them unifying the titles, then it's that single title. It's the main event. Talking about this Toronto live event, we're kind of the second main event with the steel cage match with The Real Americans, which is so exciting because how frequently do you get a steel cage match on a live event? And then there's the main event with Randy Orton and John Cena. I watch those guys and as much as respect and as many questions as I'll ask them, I'm also sitting there telling myself, 'I want your spot because I want to do it better.' And I hope I know how to do it better when I get there. And I mean that with utmost respect. I don't mean it with any negativity or negative connotation. That for me is the end game."


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