- Check out UFC president Dana White's latest video blog, which is out to promote UFC 168, but features behind the scenes footage from UFC 167.

- Anderson Silva and boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. have long talked about facing off in an inter-sport superfight. Those talks have experienced a resurgence thanks to UFC president Dana White recently asserting that he'd be willing to make the fight if Silva can reclaim his title from Chris Weidman this weekend at UFC 168. Though White seems willing to at least discuss Silva vs. Jones Jr., he recently told the Metro South Morning Show on WXBR 1460-AM that there's another fight that will have to happen first -- one way or another.

"If Chris Weidman wins or Anderson Silva wins, the next massive, huge fight that everybody wants to see is Vitor Belfort," said White. "That's what everybody wants to see."

Make sure to check back this Saturday for our live, round-by-round coverage of UFC 168 to see whether it will be Silva or Weidman facing the controversial Belfort next.

- The UFC has yet to officially announce the details regarding its impending digital network, but an apparent soft launch of the network's website has revealed a few likely aspects to the promotion's subscription service.

According to the website, the service will be called "UFC Fight Pass" and will cost users $9.99 a month. The service will offer live events, event replays, access to the UFC fight library, TV shows and original content.

The network will allow hardcore fans the access to watch all of the obscure international events on the UFC's increased 2014 schedule.