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Impact opens with a recap of AJ Styles walking out of TNA as champion and the subsequent world title tournament. Tonight, Magnus will take on Jeff Hardy for the vacant world title in a “Dixieland” match. Tonight is Impact’s Final Resolution TV special.

Magnus is shown in the back asking a stage hand if they have seen Hardy. The man says no, and Magnus says he is going to the ring to say something that is going to get every one’s attention.

Magnus comes out to the ring with a microphone. Magnus says he loves this business, and that is why he busted his gut and put his body threw hell, because he loves this business. He said that for the last five years, he has made his career in the US and he is proud of that. He said that when he came here, money talks. He says that is not about that for him, not the fancy houses and five star hotels. For him, it is always about pride, honor and respect. He wonders if the same can be said for his opponent, Jeff Hardy.

Magnus says that he as big of a fan of Hardy as anybody. Magnus says that Jeff slayed all of his demons, but there may be one little demon creeping his way back in; greed. He says that last week he was filmed having drinks with Dixie Carter. Magnus says that Jeff Hardy owes everybody an explanation, because this is the most important match of his life, and he is not going to let him or Dixie fool him.

Hardy comes down and says that Magnus jumps to that conclusion because of one little moment he had with Dixie Carter, he doesn’t even know him? Magnus says he knows about Hardy’s history, he knows about 10/10/10. Hardy says that was a different him, but Magnus says that it was the same place, a wrestling ring, where he sold out for the championship. Magnus says that he didn’t think people were filming him did he? Magnus says that all these people forgave him, and what will they think of him if they sold out? Hardy gets upset and says that he should worry about his life, and Hardy will worry about his, and storms away.

Hemme is in the back and asks Angle about his match tonight against Bobby Roode. Angle says that a lot has happened between them, and Roode has had his number. Tonight though, things will be different, tonight he will show the world what Kurt Angle is all about, and that he still has it. Tonight he will not only beat Roode once, but he will beat him twice.

We get a video recap of Angle and Roode’s rivalry leading up to tonight.

JB is in the back outside of a conference room. He hypes how tonight is the opening of the briefcases from the Feast or Fired Match. He interviews Chavo and Zema Ion. Ion gets on Chavo’s nerves.

Hemme introduces Angle, who comes down for his match, and is followed by Roode.

Two-out-of-3 Falls Match: Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode

The bell rings and they lock up. Roode gets the advantage, but Kurt fights out and they exchange very fast one counts. They square up and go at it again, Angle scores with a shoulder knockdown and teases the angle slam, but Roode slips out and teases the Death Valley Driver, bur Kurt slips out and tries to get the ankle lock on, but Roode gets to the ropes.

They square up again and Angle takes Roode down with an amateur waistlock. Roode fights out and runs into a belly-to-belly suplex, as Roode takes the bump and slides out of the ring. Angle follows him out and hits a couple forearms on the outside. Angle throws him face first off of the steel rail. They both get back in the ring, and Roode gets a boot in, but Angle ducks a clothesline and hits a trio of German suplexes.

Angle teases the Angle slam, but Roode counters with an arm drag. Kurt rushes in, but Roode pushes the ref in front of Angle, who slows down. Roode tosses the ref aside and hits a low blow. Roode hits the Firemans carry slam and gets the three count.

Winner of First Fall: Bobby Roode

We then go to commercials. When we come back Roode is in control and hits a running elbow on Angle, and follows it with a vertical suplex. Roode misses a knee drop, and Angle hits some right hands and then a flying forearm. Angle hits another belly-to-belly suplex. Angle goes for a shoulder tackle, but roode gets out of the way and Angle hits the steel post. Roode goes for the armbar, but Angle slips out in hits an Angle Slam that is more of a back suplex and gets a three count.

Winner of Second Fall: Kurt Angle

Angle goes back to work and hits two more german suplexes. Roode fights out and locks in a crossface on Angle. Angle teases tapping out, but rolls into a pinfall, forcing Roode to break. Angle gets up, but Roode blocks a forearm and locks in the crossface again. Angle gets up and goes for an Angle slam, but Roode slips out and hits a flying armbar, and goes right back to the crossface.

Angle slips underneath Roode and locks in the ankle lock. Roode tries to get to the rope, but Angle pulls him back and switches over into the crossface. Roode gets to his feet and gets him up for the firemans, but Angle slips out and hits and Angle slam for a near fall.

Roode rolls out of the ring and Angle follows. Angle nails him in the back of the head and tosses him back into the ring and drags him into the center with the ankle lock. Roode rolls through into a victory roll and grabs onto the rope for a three count.

Winner of Third Fall and Match: Bobby Roode

JB is in the back with Gunner and Storm. He asks Gunner why he stepped over his partner to get the briefcase. Gunner says they knew the rules, and Storm would have done the same to him. Storm says we will see if his little gamble pays off. Gunner asks what that is supposed to mean, and Storm says that there is a 25% he gets fired, and they head into the conference room.

A cameraman asks Angle what happened. Angle says that he hasn’t outwrestled Kurt, but Bobby has outsmarted him since BFG. The cameraman asks him if Roode really has his numbers, and Kurt says that is the most terrifying thing he ever heard, and he doesn’t know what his next move is.

We get a recap of Madison Rayne and Gail Kim’s friendship and their breakup over the Knockouts championship, with Rayne coming back last week.

JB is in the back and EC3 comes in. EC3 says that JB still owes him a match. EC3 he scoffs at the idea of getting a pink slip, and he says that his fate has already been determined as a winner. A call rings on his phone, and we hear EC3 talking to Dixie (whose voice is very clear for some reason) about the briefcase. Dixie says that if he gets fired, there is nothing she can do about it.

EY is shown talking about how his experiment went last week with his buddy. Tonight, he has a gift for him, and he holds up a present that is clearly a steel chair wrapped in wrapping paper.

Ey comes down to the ring empty handed. We get a recap of Young making Park bleed and him turning into Abyss. EY is in the ring and has a table set up with some gifts. He calls Park out and he comes down to the ring. EY tells him that he is Abyss. Park says that EY has always been a great friend, but he does not know what to believe. He says that his name is Joseph Park. EY explains how last week, when PArk bled, Abyss showed up. Park says that he blacks out when that stuff happens and he never remembers all that stuff.

EY says this will be a two-part test. Next week, he will face Kaz and Daniels in a Monsters Ball match. Park says that is not his match, it his brothers match, and that he won’t do it. EY says that is the second part, the first part are these presents. He hands him the first gift and it is the chair. He opens the second one and it is a box. Inside the box is a bag of thumbtacks. Park pours them on the table, and begins to open the third and final present. The final gift is barbed wire.

Park says that he appreciates this, but he is still not going to wrestle next week. EY says that he is a showman, and that he saved the best for last. The final gift is under the ring. Park lifts up the apron and pulls out Janice. Park says alright, and that he will do it. Park walks back to the back staring at Janice.

We get a recap of Magnus talking to Hardy earlier about Hardy drinking with Dixie. Hardy is in his locker room and Samoa Joe sits down. Joe says that the only man that looks like that is a man who feels guilty. Joe says that in pro wrestling, it is a dog eat dog world, and sometimes people take short-cuts to get to the top. He just never thought Hardy was like that. Hardy says that Joe is not getting an explanation and storms away.

JB is in the conference room with Gunner, Chavo Zema Ion and EC3. They all have their briefcases and are ready to open them. The possible outcomes are a World title shot, a world tag team title championship shot, an X division title shot, and a pink slip. Dixie comes in and says that she is so accustomed to coming up with great innovative ideas, and tonight, their lives are about to change.

Zema Ion is the first person to open his briefcase. Ion says there is a 100% he is going home, with gold around his waist. Ion opens his case and it is the X title shot. Ion is elated and leaves the room. JB asks if it is the tag title shot, will he pick Storm? Gunner says that is a dumb question, of course he will pick Storm. Gunner opens it and it is the World Title shot. Gunner stands up and says finally he got something he deserved. Storm looks him in the eye and they both leave.

Chavo says that whatever is in his briefcase, it will not change the fact that he is a Guerrero. EC3 says that he is a Carter, and he doesn’t lose. Sting then comes in and says that he asked EC3 to do something interesting, and now his career is on the line. Sting asks Chavo if he ever had anything given to him; Chavo ironically says that all Guerrero’s had to work twice as hard.

Sting then says that he will give EC3 a choice, he can take this burden off of EC3 and the briefcase will go to him. All he asks is that EC3 wrestles him. EC3 blows him off and sits down. They both open the briefcases at the same time, and Guerrero gets the pink slip and EC3 gets the tag shot. The Carters are elated, but Sting cuts them off and says that it is over for them, and that he makes them both sick. Dixie is still happy, but EC3 is scared of what Sting said.

We see Magnus warming up, and the cameraman asks Magnus what he thinks. Magnus says there are a lot of questions going into the match, but after he wins the world title, all those questions will be answered.

Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa come out for a tag match. ODB and Madison Rayne come out as her opponents.

ODB and Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa

Rayne and Tapa start off and Tapa overpowers her. Rayne goes for a waistlock, but Tapa just shrugs her off. Rayne uses her speed to escape and tags in ODB. They lock up and Tapa puts her in the corner. ODB avoids a clothesline and hits some right hands. Tapa counters and hits a scoop slam. She tags in Gail who puts the boots to ODB. She works on ODB in teh corner and hits the running cross body in the corner. She tags ODB with some more shots, but ends up eating a clothesline.

ODB hits a splash in the corner, but Tapa distracts her and Gail hits a dropkick onto ODB. Tapa comes in and hits a shoulder-backbreaker onto ODB. Tapa continues to beat her down and chokes her in the rope. ODB tries to fight out but gets hit with a big boot. Kim comes in and works ODB over in the corner, but she misses a big splash. ODB connects with a shoulder block and tags in Rayne.

Rayne hits a few clotheslines and throws her by the hair. She hits a spear and starts tugging her hair. Tapa comes in to break it up, but ODB hops on her back. They go outside the ring, and Kim hits a short-armed lariat. Kim goes for Eat Defeat, but Rayne counters with a backslide and gets the three count.

Winners: ODB and Madison Rayne

Sting is talking to Hardy in the back. Sting says that he doesn’t owe anybody an explanation, but he needs to be true to himself and his family. Hardy says that Sting doesn’t understand, but Sting laughs and says that he does.

We see a video of Spud talking to Dixie from a few days ago and trying to explain his mission in Georgia to get his title back. Dixie says that we have a world title match coming up, but they don’t have a world title match. She orders Spud to get someone to make a new title belt.

We get a video recap of the whole title tournament.

The Dixieland match for the world title is next. A Dixieland match starts with a cage match. Whoever gets out of the cage first must run up the ramp and climb a ladder, where the world title is suspended, and grab it.

Hardy comes out first and enters the cage. He has a mic and says he has done some things he wishes he could take back, but he is who he is. He says that Magnus brought back what happened at BFG 2010, but we all saw how that ended up at Victory Road 2011. Hardy says that those mistakes will not be repeated. He thought about his family and he says that he loves to entertain the creatures. He says that Dixie wanted to give him tons of money and a lifetime contract, but he knows if he did that, she would own him. No body owns him, and nobody owns the creatures. He said that he told her to stick her offer.

Dixie interrupts him and comes into the cage. She says that he wants to compare himself to AJ Styles, well, she sees one similarity. Everything they have they owe to her. She says that she stood by him during all his mistakes, and not these creatures. She says that they all abandoned him, but because of her, he got to keep his job. She says he has to do what is best for his family, and if he doesn’t work with Dixie, what will happen to them. Dixie says that they will have nothing, and he should make the right decision. Since this is such an important match, she will stay out here and watch it.

Magnus then comes down and the announcers hype about what Dixie said to Hardy. JB does his introductions and we are set to go.

Dixieland Match for TNA World Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Magnus

They start off trading blows and Magnus gets the advantage, pounding Hardy in the corner. Magnus continues the tee off, but Hardy connects with a head scissors and hits the 10 fists in the corner. He hits a corner dropkick and hits some shoulder blocks into the turnbuckle. They hit the ropes and Magnus comes through with a big lariat. Magnus climbs the cage as Hardy is down. Magnus turns around, but misses the top rope elbow drop.

Both men get up as Hardy heads to the corner. He gets close to the top of teh cage, but Magnus cuts him off. Hardy bounces Magnus off of the cage, and Magnus goes down. Hardy misses a swanton and both men are down. Magnus goes to the other side of the ring and starts to climb the cage. EC3 comes out from the back and stands next to Dixie on teh stage. Both men are fighting on the top of the turnbuckle, and Hardy hits a back suplex, taking them both down. We then go to ads.

We come back from the break and both men are down. Hardy tries to climb out of some random hole in the cage where TNA puts the cameras. Magnus pulls him back in by the ankle, and Hardy kicks him off. He hits an inverted atomic drop and hits a leg drop to the groin. Hardy hits a flying forearm and starts to climb the cage. Magnus tries to stop him, but Hardy shrugs him off. Hardy does a cool springboard off of the cage and hits a splash.

Hardy hits the twist of fate, and Magnus comes back off the ropes and Hardy goes for a second one, but Magnus pushes him off and cuts him down with a chop block. Magnus locks in a cloverleaf and lets go. Magnus goes for the escape, but Hardy pulls him down. Hardy misses a clothesline, but Magnus catches him with the fall-away suplex slam. Magnus goes to the top and hits the elbow from the top.

Magnus gets up and sizes up Hardy. He whips Hardy into the corner, but Hardy catches him with an elbow and Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind, which doesn’t really make a lot of contact with Magnus. Hardy climbs to the cage and stands on the top. He looks at Dixie and hits the Whisper in the Wind, this time connecting all the way from the top.

Both men get up and climb opposite sides of the cage. EC3 comes down and tries to grab Magnus, but Magnus kicks him off. They both fall to the ground, and Hardy limps by them. They get up, but Hardy turns around and nails EC3 and hits the twist of fate. Magnus and Hardy trade blows on the floor, and Magnus gets the advantage. Magnus heads up the ramp, but Hardy catches him and hits him with the Twist of Fate on the entrance ramp.

Hardy tries to get to the ladder, but Dixie stands in front of him. Hardy threatens to punch her, and Dixie moves. He climbs the ladder and throws his shirt at Dixie. Hardy is near the belt, but Spud pushes Hardy off of the ladder, and he takes a nasty spill on the ramp. Spud motions to Magnus that this is his chance, and Magnus gets up and grab the belt.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Magnus

Magnus celebrates with the title, Dixie, Spud and EC3 on the top of the ramp as Impact goes off the air.

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