Gail Kim Praises Taryn Terrell For Their Ladder Match And Last Knockout Standing Match

The Miami Herald has published a two-part article on women's wrestling today. The second part features quotes from TNA Knockouts Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell.

Gail praised Taryn for the two gimmick matches they had earlier this year:

"Before these matches [with Taryn Terrell], a lot of people were very skeptical about Taryn Terrell. I worked a little bit with her in WWE. She was just starting to get on a roll, and then she got released shortly there after, and I left the company as well. She took a couple years break, and when she came back, TNA eased her into a role as a referee."

"We really didn't know if she could go in the ring, and the only thing I knew prior to having the stipulation matches against her [in TNA], she does a little bit of stunt work on the side. When you have stipulation matches, it's all out there, and you can do whatever you want to do. I've always been in favor of those types of matches. I'm a little bit nuts, and I'm always willing to push the envelope."

"In my 14 years of wrestling, I never met a girl who wanted to step it up to that level with me. I've been in the ring with many, many talented girls, whether they were skilled technically, strong, experienced, and I still never met a girl who wanted to get to that level of craziness."

"With Taryn, I just knew, and she really stepped it up when it came to that Last Knockout Standing match. We both really wanted to bring it that day. I don't think anyone had any expectations for that match. The feud was really built up, but the stipulation hadn't been built up. So I think people were like, 'OK, it's a match between Gail and Taryn,' but we surprised everyone."

"I wasn't that surprised at how far she would go. I think everyone else was surprised about it. Out of all the years in my career, that match was definitely one of my highlights. This past year, those two matches I had with her, the Last Knockout Standing and the ladder match, were definitely highlights for girls to get that kind of reaction. It's very rare to be a professional wrestler and to get that type of crowd reaction. It's one of those moments you don't want to go by too quickly. You want to relish that moment. I only had those magical moments in the past with Kong, and that was a very different kind of feud. It was a David and Goliath thing. With Taryn, a model looking girl that no one expected this from, I'm just happy that nobody had those expectations, because we just knocked it out of the ballpark that day."

"With the ladder match, we didn't know what to expect with that either. We just knew we had this pressure to almost top the other match. We didn't know if we could, and it ended up being just as magical."

Source: The Miami Herald


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