This edition of Impact Wrestling came off the heels of Magnus capturing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for the first time, taking the back door by aligning himself with Dixie Carter. Throughout the show, Magnus chronicled his road to championship, from his humble beginnings as a gladiator, to his alliance with the Main Event Mafia. Also, in shocking fashion, Jeff Hardy made an announcement the could change the course of the company.

Gunner vs. James Storm
These two men have formed a pretty decent rivalry over the past few months, due to major dissension within the team that led to costly moments in important matches. We still do not have a definitive face or heel, but when that pans out, Storm should make the turn seeing how it would be something a bit more fresh for his character. In addition, Gunner has gained some support as a rugged babyface, and TNA should capitalize off that. The double countout finish can lead to a stipulation match in the future.

Bully Ray/Brooke segment
So Bully Ray is going to become a more darker heel? And this is going to lead to another world title reign? I’m not sold on the idea. Bully and Brooke was a good on-screen couple, but the luster subsided after the end of Aces and Eights. Brooke’s TNA career seems up in the air, and Bully Ray’s time as a top heel has faded. Hopefully, he can have a feud with an uprising babyface (i.e. Gunner) and put him over.

Joseph Park vs. Bad Influence
This feud actually has been pretty good, and is a good way to use Park, EY and Bad Influence without any title affiliation. It will be interesting to see what happens after Park turns fully into Abyss again. Hopefully this Park/Abyss mid-match transformation does not last too long, because it will get stale quick. Timing is everything.

Lei’D Tapa vs. ODB
Hopefully this does not lead to ODB being a jobber to help build Madison Rayne as a stronger face, seeing how she is more over than any Knockout in the company. Good twist for Rayne for her return, though, putting her against her former best friend. The division is starting to have some life in it again, and the coming weeks should present some interesting scenarios. Making Tapa look strong is also a plus. Much better than her being Gail Kim’s lackey.

Sting/Jeff Hardy vs. EC3/Rockstar Spud/Bro Mans
Well… sadly, other than Magnus, these four heels are the most important ones of the company at the moment. Not very promising. Yes, EC3 has much potential, and at least they are not giving him some kind of unstoppable push. Sting is a good choice to take EC3 under his wing, but does a win over Sting at this juncture of his career really catapult the TNA career of EC3? Not very much.

The problem is, many people know that Sting is there to build up EC3, so a win will not be as surprising or beneficial. However, putting him in weekly encounters with Sting can help develop his character as a heel more, so TNA should invest some time in this to make it right, not simply booking a match for Sting to lose.

Jeff Hardy Quits
Enough with these “walk out of the company” moments, TNA. Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, now Jeff Hardy. One did not want to renew his contract, one did have concrete negotiations, and one can not go to the UK. It is making the company look weak, and not very appealing. Not saying that this is the only thing that has hurt the overall appeal, but it can be booked different. Especially with Hardy. He could have gotten jumped by the four superstars in the match along with Magnus, while Sting was down. This could have gave him a few weeks off, and he would have returned for a title match against Magnus.

Instead, he “quits.” Not very intriguing.

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