This episode of Impact Wrestling presented the semifinals of the TNA World Heavyweight Title tournament, pitting Jeff Hardy against Bobby Roode in a tables match, and Magnus against Kurt Angle in a last man standing match. Bad Influence sought to further humiliate Joseph Park by exposing that his law firm has been inactive for 13 years. Dixie Carter also announced the return of “Feast or Fired,” which will take place next week.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode was a good match, and Hardy was the good choice to win to get the focus away from Roode and Angle. Roode and Angle are developing a very good angle over the past few months, and either one of them can be inserted in the title picture any time. The initial finish was quite awkward. If that was the plan from the beginning, both of them falling on the table and referees coming out to resume the match, it was a poor booking idea.

Ethan Carter vs. Earl Hebner was a cheap way of garnering heat for ECIII. However, at least it is a step up from Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum. Hopefully TNA builds from the heat he received and do something with it. Otherwise, it’ll be another failed project. As of now, we shall wait, but it appears that TNA has high hopes for ECIII.

The Bro Mans vs. Storm/Gunner did a decent job furthering the storyline between Storm and Gunner, and it will be interesting to see how that unfolds. I suppose we have to endure the Bro Mans as champions for a while since there are not many other tag teams that are heavily in the hunt right now. At least they are a bit more tolerable with Zema Ion as the house DJ. That decision was actually a stock riser.

Gail Kim vs. Laura Dennis was probably the best match out of the open invitational series so far. Although there is a very small chance that we will see these women wrestlers frequently, at least it can expose them on a national scale and help receive more indy bookings. For those who don’t know, Dennis is known in the indies as Cherry Bomb, and has recently done some work in Ring of Honor. I am sure this will help her out well.

Magnus vs. Kurt Angle was a good match, and the Bobby Roode interference was quite predictable. However, it does create a good progress in the Roode/Angle feud, as well as give Magnus the opportunity to finally shine. Here is his opportunity to sink or swim, and TNA must spend a great deal of time developing his character to get a satisfying crowd reaction. I still believe he should stay a babyface for the time being, because garnering more support as a face would make his heel turn stronger.

Sound off with your thoughts of Impact Wrestling. For those who haven’t seen the spoilers, which superstars should receive the respective ‘Feast or Fired’ cases?