This episode of Impact Wrestling was the second week back to their old stomping grounds of Orlando, FL. In addition to the scheduled eight-man tag match pitting Team Angle vs. Team Roode, Ken Anderson promised to have an Aces and Eights funeral.

Ethan Carter III vs. Curry Man was at least a step up from what we have been experiencing the past few weeks, but not much. This wrestling people who are not to his level is getting quite boring, and an angle needs to brew with him immediately. I do not know if even Sting would do the job at this juncture, as a win for EC3 wouldn't be putting him over as much as a win from someone like Kurt Angle or Samoa Joe.

Lei'D Tapa vs. Velvet Sky was a step in the right direction for Tapa. At least she is competing in singles matches again, instead of being Gail Kim's sidekick. She needs to get as much momentum as possible, especially if she is going to become a babyface soon. Otherwise, she will remain irrelevant and continue to get little to no reaction from the crowd.

The Aces and Eights funeral was actually quite funny. Overall, the segment produced a good chuckle or two, and Eric Young continues to be one of the funniest people on the roster. Even Samoa Joe slightly broke out of character, especially addressing Kurt Angle's recent issues, but with levity and good taste. Bully Ray coming at the end looked odd, but I suppose it is leading to even more feuding between Bully and Anderson. Let's hope not.

Team Roode vs. Team Angle was a good match, but once again it made the babyfaces look a bit weak. I understand that the big payoff in all of this is probably Angle and Roode in the finals, with Roode mocking Angle about how many times he has beaten him recently, but that is not the best approach. Both Angle and Roode have both the mic skills and the intensity to build a good feud, and making either of them look weak is unnecessary. There are still possibilities that could develop between Storm and Gunner, and we shall see if it goes anywhere.

The Turkey Feast was a bit flat, but at least Kurt Angle got some retribution for his loss earlier in the show. The only problem with this is that it is making the tournament too predictable. Honestly, TNA is making no one else matter much in the tournament, and is actually booking Roode and Angle not only as if both of them are in the finals, but as if they are leading to a title match outside the tournament. It will be interesting how AJ Styles factors into all of this, though. A unification match between he and Bobby Roode would be good.

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