WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section of JrsBarBq.com. Here are some questions he answered.

Rumors are spreading the return of Hulk Hogan making an appearance at Wrestlemania 30. Do you think the Hulkster has a match or two left in in? If so who would you like to see Hogan face? Not new rumors actually. I don’t see him trying to have a match. That would be sad, risky & isn’t necessary for Hulk to contribute to an event.

Why Hulk Hogan wrestling at WrestleMania would be a poor match: Hulk has a horrible back condition, his in ring work would be SO limited that I feel it would sadden his fans to see what he’s become in his later years in all due respect. I’m not even sure that he could pass a WWE physical. But he doesn’t have to wrestle to be a huge part of WM30, IMO

What do you think of the possibility of having no more heels and faces in WWE? It seems to be unrealistic and won’t work in my view if it occurs.

With the condition the WWE is in right now do you see them still being in business in 10 more years? Oh, yes. Absolutely. Creating stars is and has always been an essential part of the biz. No worries re: WWE.

Dear JR – just wanted to get your opinion on the increasing use of social media and how this has changed the face of wrestling. Would you say that this has increased the predictability of wrestling given the spoilers hinted at and predictions generated? Also, do you think this has had a profound impact on “creative”? I recall the days of wrestling where you watched as a fan and had no idea as to what to expect. Now given blogs, facebook, twitter amongst other things, these mediums help to fragment unpredictable storylines and the spontaneous nature in the wrestling industry. In the 90s, you rarely heard of issues such as potential WM matches in January, those who would win Royal Rumbles, potential returns and types of contracts they are on etc. Thanks for your thoughts and Happy Holidays! Not sure how much it has actually ‘changed’ the business but there is much more info out there to digest and much of it is simply gossip and innuendo. I don’t think that the IWC has helped or harmed the wrestling business. Times have changed in all walks of life, sports, entertainment, etc.