Jim Ross Talks About Zack Ryder's WWE Status, Friday's WWE SmackDown Rating Up

- Friday's WWE SmackDown scored a 1.98 cable TV rating, up from the previous week's 1.86 cable rating. As noted earlier, SmackDown averaged 2.837 million viewers, up from the previous week's average. On cable TV for Friday night, SmackDown ranked #5 in overall viewers.

- Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of jrsbarbq.com. He was asked if he thinks Zack Ryder will be champion again in WWE. Ross replied:

"Why does Ryder have to have done something wrong to be in the creative role that he's been currently cast. Remember, it's an entertainment show and men and women have TV personas that they have been cast. Hopefully, for you and other Ryder fans, he will be cast differently. I don't think enough fans take Ryder seriously enough. At times he's too comedic."


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