John Cena And The Shield Train With Mark Bell, Goldust Teases Something Epic, Diva Of The Year

- WWE posted the above video for Diva of the Year.

- Goldust says something "epic" will be available on WWE's Shop website soon. Speaking of, they have a new "Believe In The Shield" t-shirt, a new Randy Orton "Recoiled Reloaded" t-shirt, new retro t-shirts, pendants for The Usos and The Wyatt Family plus the new Undertaker statue for $295.00.

- The Shield, John Cena and others were training at Mark Bell's Super Training Gym in Sacramento, California on Saturday afternoon. Bell, a pro powerlifter, is the founder of Super Training Gym, Power Magazine and the inventor of the Sling Shot. He was recently training with Steve Austin at Austin's Broken Skull Ranch. Here is a photo of Cena at his gym on Saturday:


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