– Rob Van Dam has been announced for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling event in Houston, Texas on January 11th.

– Vickie Guerrero is now using the BodyChange program that John Cena has been behind. She wrote on Facebook today:

“I started a program with John Cena that is called #changetime. Its 10 weeks long and im on week 1 and LOVING IT. Today is my LOAD DAY….WOOHOO!”

– Jim Ross has once again updated the Q&A section on jrsbarbq.com this week. He was asked about the possibility of Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk for the WWE World Heavyweight Title main eventing WrestleMania XXX. Ross replied:

“On the surface, yes, but it’s all about the presentation and the reason for them wrestling. It’s unlikely to occur but I have no idea of the WM30 card.”

Ross was also asked about people saying Seth Rollins won’t receive a push once The Shield splits. He replied:

“It doesn’t concern me what ‘many people’ say regarding Seth Rollins. He’s a great talent who will have a significant run on his own when the time is right.”