Large Wrestler At WWE Tryouts, Eve Torres Note, Stuart Tomlinson, Chris Nowinski Targeting Soccer

- Former WWE Diva Eve Torres appeared on The Fighter & The Kid Podcast, hosted by UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen. You can download and listen to the episode on iTunes by clicking here.

- As noted, former English football (soccer) goalkeeper Stuart Tomlinson has signed a WWE developmental deal. The Derby Telegraph has a short article about him signing at this link. You can check out photos of Tomlinson, who is a former bodybuilder, by clicking here.

- Speaking of soccer, BBC Sport has an article about former WWE Superstar Chris Nowinski, who is a respected concussion expert, spearheading a campaign to ban children from doing headers in soccer.

"If we have so many other options out there, like we get them running and being active, why play sports which include hundreds of blows to the head, knowing how bad the consequences are? It's much smarter to do it when they're teenagers and in their 20s when the brain is more developed and there are medical people on the sidelines during games," said Nowinski. "We can still play those games without contact but who thinks it's a good idea to hit a 10-year-old in the head 200 or 300 times a season?"

- Add 6-foot-7, 270-pound Gaylon Summers to the list of wrestlers participating in this weekend's tryouts at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. Summers, who is from Dyersburg, Tennessee, is a member of the Dramatic Dream Team in Japan. You can check out a photo of him below:

Koby Rutland and Craig Palmer contributed to this article.


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