Matt Striker To Announce For Extreme Rising, Photo Of The ECW Arena Bathroom Last Night, More

Extreme Rising held their return show at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia in front of between 700 and 850 fans last night. The building is still undergoing renovations and won't be finished until April.

Regarding Extreme Rising's TV deal, their TV debut has been pushed back because Arda Ocal was scheduled to come in from Canada to be the lead host but had weather problems one week and family plans the next week so he couldn't fly in for production. There will be no debut episode on January 1st on WACP Channel 4 in Philadelphia, PA but when the show does debut, it will be hosted by ECW Original Joel Gertner and former WWE announcer Matt Striker.

Below is a photo of the scary conditions in the mens bathroom that was going around on Instagram last night:

Source: PWInsider


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