As noted earlier, Michael Cole interviewed Paul Heyman about Brock Lesnar’s return to RAW last night, which you can watch above. Here are some highlights:

– Heyman said that he’s been recovering from the beating from CM Punk since we last saw him, as well as handling Lesnar’s business.

– Fans shouldn’t be surprised that Triple H brought Lesnar back because HHH does what is best for business, and there’s nothing better for business than bringing back Lesnar.

– Lesnar returned because there is now just one WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and when Lesnar saw that there is just one person that’s “the man,” Lesnar realized that it was his position. It doesn’t matter to Lesnar if it’s Randy Orton or John Cena, but the winner of that match will have to deal with him.

– As for Lesnar attacking Mark Henry, Heyman said that it was a fight that Henry picked. Heyman said that it didn’t matter who came down that aisle, because no one can handle him.

– Heyman was at first nonchalant about Batista’s return and denied that Lesnar returned because Batista was coming back. However, Heyman said that he’s a huge fan of Batista and would like to sign him, although it would never happen. He said that Lesnar doesn’t concern himself with anybody else.

– Heyman finished the interview by saying that Lesnar would be on “Old School RAW” next week and would be doing something “rather old school next week on RAW.”