More From Triple H: TLC, Brock Lesnar Refusing To Face Him, History Of Titles, Cena Vs. Orton, More

As noted earlier, WWE posted Michael Cole's latest interview with Triple H earlier today, which you can watch above. Here are some notes from the interview:

- Triple H commented on the Slammies this Monday and noted what a special night it is for the company. He said that the WWE Universe is in control, and they can vote for all the categories on the WWE App.

- Triple H talked a bit about the history of the WWE Championship and said that it meant "everything." He said that the WWE Champion was the person that sold out Madison Square Garden monthly and was recognized world wide. He said that the WWE Championship "is THE championship."

- The World Championship signifies something different than the WWE Championship, and Triple H noted that a lot of great workers held the belt. He said that the title meant that you were the best technically, not just the most famous. He said that when he won the World Championship, it meant that he was the best, not just the most famous.

- Triple H said that the reason Eric Bischoff named him the World Heavyweight Champion in 2002 was because Brock Lesnar refused to face him after becoming the Undisputed WWE Championship, and that by default, that made him the champion. Bischoff made "one of the few" genius moves of his career by naming him the World Heavyweight Champion, which has since often been the most prestigious in the industry.

- As for if John Cena vs. Randy Orton is the biggest match in history, Triple H said it is one of them, and it's "for sure" one of the biggest of this generation. He said that unifying the titles is the biggest thing that has happened in a while, and that it will be remembered forever. He once again guaranteed that there will be one champion after TLC.

"The King of Kings will crown the champion of champions," Triple H said.


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