– The offer that AJ Styles turned down from TNA was likely somewhere in the range of $200,000 per year but it was largely a per appearance offer and was not guaranteed at that level. If TNA cut back on live events, the deal would be worth significantly less than that. It’s said that AJ had been earning in the $350,000 per year range in 2013.

We noted before that there’s speculation on the whole Styles contract situation being part of the storyline. This is not confirmed yet but people within TNA believe Styles will be brought back and that a deal has already been agreed on. The story is that the Styles vs. Magnus title match was shot before the new deal was agreed on, so Styles saying goodbye was a shoot at the time. There’s lots of talk going around about whether or not he is signed or is still in negotiations but we probably won’t know the truth until things play out.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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