– PWInsider reports that at least one WWE source believes Sin Cara is done with the company but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. The decision was made at RAW on Monday to move forward with Hunico under the mask.

There has been unhappiness internally since Cara debuted with the feeling that he underachieved upon arrival, got hurt too often and sometimes carried himself backstage as if he was a bigger star than he actually was. Because Cara was the first signing under Triple H, there has been pressure for him to break-through as a top star.

– As noted earlier, The Miz tweeted a photo of a food truck on Monday and said he recently got the chance to try it out. Miz said we would find out who owns the truck on Friday. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tweeted a photo of the same food truck this morning and said the mystery owner has challenged him to a cook-off on Thursday.