Next weekend at UFC 168, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey will attempt to defend her belt against her longtime rival Miesha Tate. Rousey and Tate preceded their bout with a coaching stint on The Ultimate Fighter. Between that and her budding movie career, some Rousey followers have voiced their concern that the judo expert may show unprepared or unfocused come fight night. However, in a recent interview on UFC Tonight, Rousey explained that neither of those things will be an issue.

“It’s going great,” Rousey said of her pre-fight prep. “I’ve never had such a good camp. I’ve never been in such good shape. I’ve never been so sharp and focused.”

And, although Rousey has already soundly defeated Tate once before, she insists that she isn’t underestimating her this second time around.

“For every single fight, I plan for the worst case scenario,” explained the champ. “I expect Miesha to come in the best version of her and we’re going to have a five-round war and I’m prepared for it.”

That doesn’t mean that Rousey has raised her opinion of Tate as a person though. Given one word to describe her opponent, Rowdy chose, “Fake.”

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