** SPOILERS ** For TNA's One Night Only: Hardcore Justice PPV

- Thanks to Joe Raider Fan for the following spoilers from tonight's TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice pay-per-view taping from Lowell, Massachusetts. No word yet on when this will air.

* Ethan Carter III vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Tables Match is up first. Huge heat for EC3 and chants for Dreamer before he even comes out. At one point in the match, Dreamer took Joe Raider Fan's beer, spit it in Ethan's face and smashed it on him. Carter gets the win after a great match.

* BroMans come out to big heat and do not have the tag team titles which could indicate that they lose the belts by the time this airs. Dewey Barnes does a dance off with Robbie E and a pose off with Jessie Godderz for a chance to be on Team Angle. They make him do 10 push ups but beat him up and say they will do the same to the fourth member of Team Angle, who has yet to be announced.

* Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode is next. The winner gets the advantage in the Team Roode vs. Team Angle match later. Referee Brian Hebner gets hit during the match and goes to the corner. Roode grabs a trash can from under the ring, puts it in front of Joe and then lays down like Joe hit him with it. Joe is disqualified when Hebner gets up so Team Roode gets the advantage later on.

* Lei'D Tapa defeated Velvet Sky in a Street Fight. This was described as a good match with lots of action outside the ring and use of a steel chair.

* Full Metal Mayhem with Kazarian and Daniels vs. Eric Young and Joseph Park is next. It was advertised as Abyss but Park came out instead. At one point Kazarian and Daniels hit a double suplex on Park on top of a ladder and dented it with his body. The end came with Kazarian and EY on top of a ladder. EY pushed Kaz off and splashed onto him for the win. There was no blood and no Abyss tease from Park.

* Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson in a Stretcher Match is up next. Bully comes out to huge heat and Anderson gets a big pop. Anderson cuts a promo and says he talked to the office and got this match changed to a Last Man Standing Match because he doesn't want Bully to get medical attention after he kicks his ass. Anderson gets busted open and Bully rubs Anderson's blood on his own face. Bully grabbed Joe Raider Fan's sign and tore it up. Bully ends up getting the win.

* Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin in an X Division Xscape Match is up next. Aries gets the win after an awesome match. Aries did a hurricanrana from almost the top of the cage wall.

* Lethal Lockdown is next. It's still unknown who the fourth member of Team Angle is. James Storm is out first for Team Angle and Jessie Godderz is out for Team Roode. Jessie takes his time so Storm meets him outside of the cage and beats him up. Storm has fans put their boots over the railing and runs Jessie into them. Robbie E is out next for Team Roode. They double team Storm until Samoa Joe comes out and cleans house for Team Angle.

Roode is out next followed by Angle two minutes later. Magnus is out next and he brings a barrel of weapons into the ring that wasn't supposed to be brought out until all 8 men were in the ring. Abyss comes out last for Team Angle to make the save. Abyss gets the biggest pop of the night by far. Abyss brought barbed wire board into the ring and tried to chokeslam Robbie E on it but he slid out and got superkicked by Storm. Abyss chokeslammed Robbie on the board and got the win to end it.


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