TNA Impact Results With Video: New Champion Crowned, Feast Or Fired And More

Impact opens with a recap of AJ Styles leaving with the world title and touring the glove defending the title. We see Dixie getting the fake world title last week.

We see Spud who is on his way to Gainesville, Georgia. He is talking to Dixie and he says he his lost.

We go to JB in the ring, who is talking about the feast or fired match. He shows how all the briefcases have either a title shot, or a pink slip. The wheel of Dixie is also in the ring. They are going to spin it to determine the stipulation for the world title tournament finals.

Angle comes down to the ring and throws the wheel of Dixie outside of the ring. He says that Roode knocked him out of the tournament, and calls him out. Roode comes down and asks if Angle wants to fight him right now. He takes of his jacket and says too bad, because it is not going to happen. Roode says that he was the one who was eliminated from the tournament for slipping and falling through a table. Roode says that ever since Angle declined being inducted into the HOF, Roode has physically and mentally beaten Angle down. Roode says that he has owned Kurt, and that he is better then Angle.

Kurt says that he will never lose to Roode again, in fact, he could beat him twice in one night. Roode laughs him off and says he has nothing more to prove against Angle. Angle runs out of the ring and starts to brawl with Roode. They get into the ring and security has to come and separate them. Roode gets around security and kicks Angle in the groin. Angle is on the ground and Roode gets the mic and asks him if he really thinks he could beat him twice in one night? Next week, at the Final Resolution TV special, it will be a 2-out-of-3 falls match.

We get a recap of Daniels and Kaz bullying Joseph Park. We see how last week they found out Park has not been a lawyer for over a decade. Bad Influence will take on Park and EY tonight. The camera catches Young and Park in the back. Young says that Bad Influence have been messing with him and his life. Young is nervous and hesitant about the match. EY says he has a plan and he needs to trust him.

Bad Influence come down to the ring while Tenay talks about how Park hasn't been a lawyer in awhile. Eric Young and Park follow them down the ring. Park needs some convincing from Young to come down to the ring.

Joseph Park and Eric Young vs Bad Influence

Young and Daniels start off and Daniels gets the advantage. EY hits a flying forearm and tags in Park, who nervously tags in. Daniels rakes his eyes and works him into the corner, Daniels misses a shoulder tackle and Park tags in EY as Kaz comes in. EY hits a backdrop and then brings Kaz into the corner and hits the 10 ppunches. He tags in Park who goes for a suplex, but Kaz kicks Park and dropkicks him into the corner.

Kaz tags in Daniels and they hit a kick/clothesline combo. Daniels taunts Park and punches him down to the mat. Daniels continues the beatdown and tags in Kaz. Daniels holds Park's arm back and Kaz hits him with a kick in the solar plexus. Kaz and Daniels are slapping Park and Park looks like he is going to cry. EY runs in and clears the ring of Bad Influence. EY is yelling at Park to show some fight, but Park just looks confused. EY locks Park in a headlock and starts punching him in the head. Park goes down and starts bleeding. EY shows Park that he is bleeding, and Park beings to shake with anger. He makes the Abyss pose as Bad Influence hit the ring.

Park no sells their attacks and hits a chokeslam on Kaz and a big slash on Daniels. Park hits the shock treatment on DAniels and then Kaz runs into a blackhole slam for the victory.

Winners: Joseph Park and Eric Young

EY tells Park after the match that this is crazy. 18 months ago he was looking for Abyss. The reason he can't find Abyss is because Park is Abyss. Young drops the mic and walks away while Park looks confused in the ring.

We get an Impact365 video of EC3 getting a massage. A guy asks him if he has any heat from the other guys. Carter says that he had to take out another legend last week, and tonight he is going to have a moment that is going to make social media history.

EC3 comes out for his match. He has the mic and tells Brian Hebner that he is safe today and to not worry. He says that after giving Earl Hebner the shining moment of his career, this week his hand-picked opponent will blow up social media, because his opponent is Jeremy Borash. JB heads to the ring and Sting comes out. Sting says that he cannot believe he is standing in the ring with such greatness and asks to shake his hand. Sting calls him a skyrocket shooting up the ladder. Sting then gets serious and tells EC3 that he has done nothing in this business, and that he thinks because he has the right last name, he thinks he can have doors opened for him that never should have been opened.

He says tonight there will be a feast or fired match, and men will do what EC3 has never done, take risks and take some chances. Sting tells him to man up and enroll in feast or fired tonight, or he can just fight Sting right now. He gets in EC3's face and they lock eyes. EC3 says that this is the icon Sting. Wanting him to do something memorable. EC3 says that he is on and they tease locking up. EC3 then says that tonight, he will compete in feast or fired and leaves the ring.

We see Spud trying to read a road map and he pulls into a gas station and asks for directions. He asks if he knows where AJ Styles is. The guy says that AJ and his friends usually hang out at a bar about a mile down the road. Spud gets excited and goes back into his car.

Tonight there will be a face-to-face, whatever that is, between Hardy and Magnus before their match next week.

Gail Kim is out to announce her open challenge with Tapa. Kim says that the competition has been a little bit below average. Kim says she can't wait to see who the next challenger is going to be, and they should come on out.

ODB's music plays and she comes out. Gail says that she cannot compete because Kim said she needed better competition and that she has beaten ODB over and over again. ODB says that Kim doesn't get, she isn't here to kick Gail's butt, she is here to kick hers, and she hits Tapa with the mic. ODB smashes Tapa and goes for a body slam, but Kim clips ODB's leg and they beat her down. Madison Rayne comes out from the back and tosses Kim out of the ring. ODB and Rayne then double-team Tapa and clothesline her out of the ring.

Spud is shown in a bar and he looks culture shocked. He asks the bartender if she knows where Allen Jones is. She says that she serves beer, not information. He says that if he orders a drink, she will tell him. He orders some really weird drink, and the bartender just comes back with a beer bottle with a lemon in it. Spud is then shown later in the bar asking for AJ, but the barflies ask him to sing a song. Spud agrees because he is a Rockstar. He sings a really bad version of the Sex Pistols "God Save the Queen" and ends up getting tangled up in Christmas lights. He then gets escorted out of the bar.

We get a video package about feast or fired for later tonight. We see Gunner talking to Storm about last week. Gunner apologizes for costing them the match last week. Storm says that tonight they have a chance to turn everything around in the feast or fired match. Gunner reminds him that they could also be fired. Storm says that it is just how the saying goes, sorry about your damn luck.

We see Spud again in his car and he gets out, apparently he is out AJ's house. He is shown walking up a dirt path and we cut back to Orlando. Dixie's music plays and she comes down to the ring. Dixie says that earlier tonight Angle destroyed the wheel of Dixie, and that one week from now, it will be a two out of three falls match. She says that her bigger headache remains AJ Styles. He has made a mockery out of her and her world title, but next week, she will get a new, real World Heavyweight Champion. She says that now we are going to get a look at each finalist, and Magnus comes down to the ring, followed by Hardy.

Dixie says that either one of them would make an outstanding world champion for her company. She asks if they have any final words to say to each other. Hardy gets the mic and says last year he won the BFG Series, and won the World Heavyweight Championship. 2012 was our year. Hardy says that we, the creatures, win the world title again next week. He then starts a Hardy chant in the crowd and passes the mic to Magnus.

Magnus says that he may be the youngest guy in the tournament, but he is not dumb. He knows that these people are his creatures, and he thanks Hardy for putting food on his table. Next week though, Hardy isn't anything to him except another obstacle. He says you need to beat the number one guy, and that he looks at Jeff as the number one guy, and that he has every intention of doing that.

Dixie steps in and says that even though the wheel of Dixie was destroyed, there is still a match that has a special place in her heart, a Dixieland match. We then get a video of showing us what a Dixieland match is. Basically it is a cage match, where whoever gets out of the cage has to go get a ladder at the top of the stage and climb it to get the world title. Dixie says that the match is great, and that she says that whichever one wins, they will travel the world on her private jet and represent the company. Also, she is going to be in her office tonight, and if any of them is smart enough, to come in with her favorite bottle of wine, as she walks to the back.

Velvet is in the back and Sabin comes in and says that tonight she has his back right? She says of course and they head to the ring.

Spud is shown sneaking up on a porch and he tries to open a door but it is locked. He goes to a side door and picks the lock/ He enters the house and begins to look around. He sees a deer head and gets frightened and then trips over a guitar. He takes a seet on the couch and puts his feet up on a table. His feet strike something and he finds the world title. Just then, AJ comes down the stairs and says that he really thought he could throw his name around and not think that AJ would be the first one to get the call. He says he knew he was coming, and he is always one step ahead of him and Dixie. He says they can call the cops, or some friends. He then asks Spud if he has ever seen Pulp Fiction. Spud gives the title back to AJ and runs out of the house.

Anderson is in the back and talks about how they had some fun and some laughs, but now it is time to get serious. It is time to get back on track, and becoming the world champion again.

Austin Aries comes out for his match against Sabin for the X Division Championship. Sabin and Velvet Sky come down to the ring.

X-Division Championship Match:Austin Aries vs Chris Sabin

The bell rings and they lock up. Aries gets Sabin in a headlock but Sabin escapes. Sabin catches Aries with a knee and goes for a dropkick off the ropes, but Aries stalls and blocks it. Aries takes down Sabin and Sabin rolls out of the ring. Aries lounges in the corner, and Sabin comes charging in and misses. Aries runs aroun hte ring and taunts Sky. Sabin comes flying out of the ring, and Aries gets back in and hits a baseball slide. Aries climbs the turnbuckle but Sabin stars hugging Sky, and Aries hops off onto the apron, where Sabin cuts him off. They get back into the rring and Aries ends up missing a diving cross body.

Sabin hits a sweet revolution gut-buster for a two count. Sabin and Aries trade punches and Sabin locks in an abdominal stretch. Sabin lets him go and hits a front suplex, hanging Aries on the ropes. Sabin goes for it again, but Aries reverses it and drops Sabin on the rope. Aries stuns Sabin on the apron by boxing his ears several times and knocks him off with a running forearm. Aries climbs the turnbuckle and hits a double axe handle on the outside. Sabin gets back in the ring, but eats missile dropkick.

Aries comes charging in, but Sabin catches him with a boot. Sabin goes for a tornado DDT, but Aries pushes him off and hits a hip toss into the corner. Aries hits a dropkick in the corner. Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Sky distracts Aries. Sabin rolls up Aries, but he kicks out, almost sending Sabin into Sky. Aries turns him around and hits the brainbuster for the win.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion:Austin Aries

We come back from commercial with Sabin yelling at Aries for putting his flower in danger. Sabin says he is entering the feast or fired match. Aries says that he is going to steal Sabin's idea and enter in the match as well.

Magnus is shown talking about needing to focus on the match, but he asks the cameraman to cut the shot.

We get a recap of both Angle and Roode getting eliminated from the world title tournament, and the exchange of words between Magnus and Hardy and Roode and Angle. We then get a run down of the card for Final Resolution next week.

It is now time for the feast or fired match. Mr. Anderson comes out first and says that Aces and 8's are gone, and now he is hungry for gold. He announces himself and poses for the crowd. A hooded figure sneaks up behind him and knocks him from behind. It is revealed to be Bully Ray, and Bully hits a piledriver on the ramp to Anderson. He grabs Anderson's mic and tells some weird story about evil overcoming adversity or something, it's hard to tell because of the mic he is using. He says that it has been written that those that have the youth have the future, and that Anderson has raped Bully of his future. He says that Anderson's wife is pregnant with twins, and he is going to see too it that he is responsible for their future.

We come back from commercials and we see Anderson being brought to the back by the medical staff. For some reason we get another rundown of the card for Final Resolution. Samoa Joe comes out for the feast or fired match. Sabin, Chavo Guerrero, Norv, Dewey, Hernandez, Curry Man and Zema Ion are already in the ring. Storm and Gunner come down followed by Aries. EC3 then comes out last.

Feast or Fired Match: Curry Man vs Austin Aries vs Norv vs Chris Sabin vs Dewey Barnes vs Gunner vs James Storm vs Hernandez vs Samoa Joe vs Chavo Guerrero vs Zema Ion vs Ethan Carter III

There is obviously going to be a ton of action in this match, so it will be hard to get everything written down. The bell rings and they all take start punching each other. Sabin hits a cross-body on Norv and Dewey. Aries then hits one on Sabin, then Zema Ion hits one, and finally Hernandez goes over the top. Gunner backdrops Storm into the pile on the outside. Followed by Norv and Dewey hitting twin senton planchas. Joe then leaps over the top taking out everyone else.

EC3 is in the ring alone and pulls down briefcase number 3.

Briefcase grabbed by Ethan Carter III

We then go to commercials.

We come back and everyone is brawling in the ring. Joe hits a big enzughiri on Hernandez and then knocks Gunner and Storm's heads together. He plows over Dewey, and then powerbombs Norv ontop of him. Joe catches Sabin with a uranage, and ties to suplex Ion into the ring. Norv and Dewey push Joe out of the ring and go for case number two. Ion comes up and pushes them both off the top and grabs the case.

Briefcase grabbed by Zema Ion

Everyone else gets back in the ring and Aries is cleaning house. He takes out Gunner, Storm, Hernandez and Chavo with corner dropkicks. He goes for a briefcase, but Dewey and Norv stop him. Aries takes them both out and hits a a 450 splash on both of them. Aries goes for a briefcase, but Sabin pulls him down. Aries throws Sabin into the steel steps as Joe peppers Chavo with shots in the corner. Chavo escapes and has Hernandez lift him up to the turnbuckle and he grabs the fourth briefcase.

Briefcase grabbed by Chavo Guerrero

Hernandez is working against Gunner and Storm. Hernandez is seated on the top rope, and Dewey and Norv climb the second rope and try to hit a double superplex. Gunner slides in underneath Dewey and Norv and they do a Tower of Doom spot. Storm then hits Joe with a superkick and climbs the turnbuckle for the final briefcase. Gunner cuts off Storm and crotches him on the top. Gunner steps right over Storm and grabs the last briefcase.

Briefcase grabbed by Gunner

Dixie is shown in the back enjoying a glass of wine and Hardy comes in. She offers Hardy a drink and he sits down as Impact goes off the air.

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