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Impact opens with a recap of last week’s world title match. We show Magnus aligning with Dixie Carter and being screwed out of the world title.

Impact is taped coming from the Impact Zone. Rockstar Spud comes out to some really meek trumpet music. Spud marches down to the ring and grabs a mic. Spud calls everyone his lords and ladies. He says that it is his pleasure to introduce the woman who is responsible for all of this. Spud calls her a mix of Lady GaGa, Santa Claus and Queen Elizabeth, and introduces Dixie Carter.

Dixie comes down and thanks Spud. Dixie says that Magnus has been crowned champion. She says that the right man, the deserving man won. She says that they all look up to Magnus as a role model, but more importantly, all of the wrestlers in her company look up to Magnus as a role model. She calls him the top man in Dixie land. Dixie says that Magnus has a big announcement, and she is about to say what it is, but Hardy’s music interrupts her.

Hardy comes down to the ring, limping noticeably. He grabs a mic and Dixie asks what he is doing. She calls him a loser, but Hardy says he doesn’t care about her champion, the creatures know who he is. He says that he is out here to get something very important off of his chest. Spud interrupts him and says that this is Dixie Carter, and he is way out of line. Jeff keeps trying to say something, but Spud keeps cutting him off. Spud says that as the head of talent, he wants him to take all of his little creatures and to stick them up his back side. Hardy grabs Spud and says that this will only take a minute.

EC3 comes in and takes out Hardy and tosses him out of the ring. Dixie gets the microphone and is about to make her announcement, but Sting comes out. Sting says that he has an announcement, and that is he is sick of all these entitled punks around her thinking they can do whatever they want without suffering the consequences. He says that he is not leaving the ring until he gets what he wants, and that is too kick the crap out of EC3. Sting says that we should have a tag match, EC3 and Spud against Hardy and Sting.

Carter says that she doesn’t care what he wants, but she should care what the people want, and they want to see the match. Dixie tells Sting to not tell her what the fans want. She says that we are going to have a main event, a tag match. Dixie’s music plays while Dixie asks them to cut her music, but the music keeps playing and we go to commercials.

We come back and Dixie is still in the ring. She says that she is proud to announce something very important for the company. Gunner’s music plays and he has his briefcase with his feast or fired world championship shot. He gets in the ring and says that he knows what she thinks she has to say is important, but what he has to say is more important. He says that he has a world title shot, and they know he is a man with little patience, and he wants Magnus to come out now and he wants his title shot. Dixie says that Magnus is across the pond celebrating, so he will have to take a rain check.

Dixie tries to make her announcement, but Gunner interrupts her again and says that she should tell Magnus that whenever he comes back, Gunner is back. Dixie tries to speak again but this time James Storm comes out. He apologizes and says that he hears Gunner talking about things that he can’t get. He says that gunner owes him. gunner denies it, but Storm says that Gunner shouldn’t interfere with his match against Bobby Roode, but gunner did anyways and threw in the towel. Gunner says that Storm was about to be slammed onto barbed wire, and that he was looking out for a friend. Storm says that he was jumped in a bar by Roode.

Storm questions how Roode knew where Storm was that night, and he thinks Gunner “stooged” him off. Gunner denies it, but Storm says he wants a match right here, for his briefcase. Dixie tells the people at home to text their friends, because that match is going to happen tonight. Dixie says that she is now NOT ready to tell everyone about her announcement and she leaves the ring.

We come back from commercial and gunner and James Storm are ready to go.

Feast or Fired Briefcase on the line: Gunner vs James Storm

They lock up and Storm gets a headlock in. Gunner pushes him off and they square up again. Gunner gets the headlock in and then hits a shoulder knockdown for a one count. Storm gets a side-headlock takedown, and Gunner fights out and connects with an elbow for another one count. Storm gets a boot up and then a neckbreaker for a two count. Gunner nails him with some forearms, and dumps Storm to the apron. Storm hits an enzughiri and then an axe handle for a two count.

Gunner muscles him into the corner, and both men trade chops. Gunner scores with a few more chops, but Storm fights out and hits a snapmare and then drops a knee for a two count. Gunner fights out with a headbutt and hits a vertical suplex. Gunner locks in a rear chinlock, and Storm fights up. Gunner pushes him into the corner and beats Storm down. Storm punches back and they trade blows in the center of the ring. Gunner gets the advantage and then sloppily spears Storm out of the ring.

Storm gets up first and throws his head into the post. The bell rings, and apparently we had a count out while they were both out of the ring.

Non-Contest-Double Count-out

After the match, both men brawl all the way up the ramp and through the entrance.

Brooke is shown in the back talking to Bully. She is saying that she has been trying to contact him, and she hasn’t heard back. Bully doesn’t say anything, and Brooke says she is going to go out there and air all of his dirty laundry. Bully calls her back and whispers that that wouldn’t be a good idea. Brooke gives him a look and then leaves.

We get a video of the rise of Magnus. Magnus says that people who talk about him as a young punk who hasn’t paid his dues is ridiculous. Magnus talks about his five years in the company, and actually touches on some shoot stuff about his bad gimmicks starting out. He says that he was labeled as the next big thing, meaning that “he is going to be good, but not right now because I am not ready to hang them up, Brother.”

We go back to the Impact Zone and Brooke is coming out. She says that it has been weeks since she has seen or talked ot Bully, and although she understands why he is giving her the silent treatment, but she refuses to take blame for this. She demands that Bully should come out here and tell everyone the truth. Bully comes out in sunglasses and a hoodie, and no music plays. He comes to the ring and Brooke asks him what is going on with him?

She says they can fix this, and that it isn’t her or his fault that Aces is not around anymore. Bully turns away and Brooke gets mad and says that she is so tired of being his dog. She says that she has watched him destroy everything, Aces and 8s, his family and his own brother. Brooke says he was supposed to be her ticket to fame and money. She says that Bully is like that weird kid in high-school who has no friends.

Bully turns back to her, and Brooke says that she is done with him. She tries to leave the ring, but Bully stops her and says that she is done with him when he is done with her. Bully says that he doesn’t blame her for screwing everything up, because, look at her, because she ins’t the smartest girl in the world. Bully says he kept her around for some certain uses, and she wasn’t even good at those uses. Sometimes, when he closes his eyes, he wished he was back with Brooke #1.

Bully says that she should be lucky he doesn’t piledriver her on her ugly face. Some ominous music plays in the background, and Bully says that he will use her as a messenger. He tells her to tell everyone that they know how violent he is, but now it is going to be a lot worse. Brooke leaves the ring and we go backstage to Joseph Park in the locker room. Park is looking at barbed wire and thumb tacks, and doesn’t know what to do. His Monsters Ball Match against Bad Influence is next.

We get another Magnus video. This time he is talking about how 2013 was his year. He talks about going to the UK and getting a great reaction, and joining the Main Event Mafia.

We see EC3 complaining to Dixie about his match tonight. He says that they have a lot more experience. Dixie says that he shouldn’t worry, because they are Carter’s and the world needs them. She tells them to suit up, because she has them covered.

We get a video recap about the relationship between Park/Abyss and Bad Influence.

EY is shown backstage giving Park a pep talk. He tells them to hit his music, and Abyss’ music plays. Park comes down to the ring, tentatively holding Janice. We then go to commercial.

We come back and Sting and Hardy are talking backstage. Sting says that he is excited to tag with Hardy. Hardy looks distant and says that he really didn’t come here to wrestle. Sting says that he can talk to Dixie after the match, and that tonight, they can just take care of business. Hardy agrees, but he still looks distracted.

Daniels and Kaz make their entrance for the Monster’s Ball match.

Monster Ball’s Match: Joseph Park vs Bad Influence

Kaz has a kendo stick, Daniels has a crutch and Park has Janice. Park uses it to fend off Kaz and Daniels. The crowd is very quiet to star the match. Bad Influence quickly go at Park and get him to drop Janice. They beat him down with the crutch and cane. They taunt him and Kaz chokes Park with the kendo stick. They hit a clothesline, kick combo and taunt. Crowd still very quiet.

They leave the ring and start tossing in a garbage can full of weapons. The can hits Park right in the face. They continue to beat Park down with the crutch. Daniels has a trash can lid and nails Park with it. Daniels chokes him with tape, while Kaz is about to unload a chair shot onto him. Daniels stops him and tells him they don’t want him to bleed.

Park comes back into it with a clothesline and a hip-toss. Park grabs a kendo stick and looks like he is going to use it, but Kaz hits him with a trash can. Bad Influence gets the advantage again and toss him out of the ring. They throw him into the stairs and continue the beatdown on the outside. They roll him back into the ring and throw him into the corner. Daniels goes for a clothesline, but Park back body drops him out of the ring. Park ducks a tackle by Kaz, and Kaz hits a chair set up in the turnbuckle instead.

Park puts a trash can lid on KAz and hits a splash. He locks Kaz in the Boston crab, but Daniels breaks it up with a crutch. They reassert their control, and Kaz gets Janice. Park rolls to the outside and begins to crawl to the ramp. Young comes out and tries to pump Park up. Park says he needs Young’s help. EY is about to punch him in the face, but Kaz and Daniels make the save. They start to beat down Young and toss him in the ring.

All the men are in the ring now and Kaz tries to hit EY with a Singapore cane, but Park pushes him out of the way and gets hit with the cane. They dump EY to the outside, and Park is busted open. Park notices he is bleeding, and starts to turn into Abyss. Abyss no-sells a chair shot and takes control. He hits Kaz with a kendo stick and hits shock treatment. He hits the black hole slam on Daniels and gets the three count.

Winner: Joseph Park/Abyss

After the match Abyss celebrates. He goes to the corner and grabs Janice while EY celebrates with him. We go to Hardy in the back talking on the phone. He says that this is something he knows he just has to do and hangs up.

WE get another video of Magnus. This time he talks about the BFG Series, and how he led the tournament until the end, when AJ Styles beat him. Magnus says that loss drove him to never feel so close to the top again and come up short. He talks about beating Sting, and he says that he doesn’t need Sting to get him to where he needs to be, he knows who he needs to get him to where he needs to be.

Lei’d Tapa is out for her match against ODB. Gail Kim is out with her and says that last week, her former BFF, Madison Rayn, humiliated her. She asks Tapa how that happens, and she says it is a fluke. Kim says that ODB stuck her nose into her business, and when you do that, it becomes Tapa’s business. ODB than comes out.

ODB vs Lei’d Tapa

They start off trading punches to the chest and Tapa gets the advantage. She misses a splash in the corner, and ODB pounds her down in the corner. ODB hits the ropes, but cannot move Taoa. Tapa catches her with a goozle, but ODB slips out and tries for a scoop slam, but she can’t get Tapa up.

Tapa continues to beat down ODB and tosses her but the hair in the ring. She takes out her headband and chokes ODB with it. She chokes ODB in the ropes and goes for a splash mountain bomb, but ODB slips out. ODB hits a few running splashes, but Tapa gets her boot up and takes her down. Tapa climbs to the middle rope and goes for a leg-drop, but ODB gets out of the way. ODB fights back with some chops and tries to take her down with some shoulder blocks and then a dropkick. She whips her into the corner and hits a splash. Kim throws her title into the ring, and the ref tosses the belt out. While the ref is distracted, Kim trips ODB, and Tapa comes back and hits the over-the-shoulder jawbreaker for the three count.

Winner: Lei’d Tapa

After the match, Kim says that this should be a lesson learned for Madison Rain.

Sabin is shown backstage talking to Sky. Sabin says that they have had some bumps in the road, but they are going to be even better next year. Sky says that her goal is to make their relationship even stronger. He asks her to interfere in his X Division title match next week. Sky says she can’t, but Sabin says that she doesn’t want to support him and leaves.

We get another video of Magnus. This time he talks about how Dixie Carter discovered him, and how she always believed in Magnus. He says that he knows he always has her. He talks about how Hardy had his chance, but he blew it and now it is Magnus’s chance to be her guy.

Jeff Hardy comes out for his main event match. There is a disabled kid in the audience and Tenay talks about how his community rallied to get the kid to the TNA show to see Hardy. Sting comes out, followed by EC3 and Spud.

Dixie is on the big screen, and she says she is ready for her announcement. It is that next week, they will have a coronation for Magnus. She still has a piece of business for tonight and that is that this tag match, will be a handicapped tag match, and the BroMans will be on EC3 and Spuds team. We then go to ads.

We come back and the BroMans (with Zema Ion) are in the ring and we are ready to rock.

Sting and Jeff Hardy vs The BroMans, Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud

Sting starts the match and he wants EC3. EC3 teases locking up with him, but tags in Spud again. Spud backs up and bumps into Sting. He runs back to the ring and tags in Jesse. They lock up and Jesse backs Sting into the ropes. He hits the ropes and Sting hits a hip toss. Ion distracts Sting, and Jesse gets the advantage and hits a vertical suplex. Robbie E comes in hard, but Sting catches him with a clothesline and he tags in Hardy.

Hardy comes in hot and lays Robbie out with a boot. He hits a splash from the top for a two count. He backdrops Robbie E to the outside, and EC3 spears Jesse off of the apron by accident. Sting gets down on all fours and Hardy leaps off of him and takes out all three men on the outside.

They get back in the ring and Hardy gets dumped to the outside. Spud, Jesse, EC3 and Ion all put the boots to him and toss him back into the ring as we go to ads.

We come back from commercial and Jesse is beating on HArdy. He scores with a kitchen sink and gets a two count. Jesse locks in a armbar, and Hardy gets up and fights out. He hits the ropes, but Jesse catches him with a powerslam for a two count. EC3 comes in and hits a vertical suplex on Hardy and stomps away. He tags in Robbie E and Robbie does facewash of Hardy. Hardy fights up, but Robbie cuts him off with a hard Irish Whip.

Robbie takes him back over to his corner for some more double teaming, and Jesse comes in. Jesse locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Hardy gets a hand on the rope, but Robbie kicks it away while the ref was looking at Ion. Hardy tries to make it over to Sting, but Robbie comes across the ring and knocks Sting off the apron. Sting tries to come in but the ref stops him and the rest of the heels come in and beat down Hardy.

EC3 comes in and hits a back suplex. He whips Hardy into the corner and mocks Sting. He missis a splash and Hardy connects with a jawbreaker. Hardy tries to tag in Sting, and makes the tag. Sting comes in with the hot tag and takes out everybody. Spud tries to get a sleeper hold in, but Sting ends up swinging him around on his back to take out the BroMans. Sting cleans out the BroMans, but EC3 comes in and rolls up Sting for a three count with the tights.

Winner: The BroMans, Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III

After the match, the heels carry EC3 out of the ring. Hardy grabs a mic and says that he is sorry for last week and tonight. Hardy says that people ask him why he wanted to get into pro wrestling, and he says that is because of this man right here. He says that without Sting, there would have never been a Jeff Hardy.

Hardy says that Dixie’s actions over the last few weeks have taken the heart out of him. And in wrestling, he needs his heart. He says he gave his body last week, and he didn’t win. He says that Dixie Carter doesn’t own him, but the politics and the games, he is sick of it. The crowd chants for Hardy, and Sting places a hand on his shoulder. Sting tells him to not say what he thinks he is going to say.

Hardy says that he wants to stay and fight, but the fight is all gone. The crowd chants No, but Hardy says that this was his last match in TNA. He says that he will leave and only comeback when the sun shines again on this dark kingdom. He thanks the creatures, and hugs Sting. He then walks to the back as Impact goes off the air.

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