– WWE has posted their weekly interview with Triple H and Michael Cole. Here are some highlights:

* Triple H wasn’t surprised by the reaction for Daniel Bryan on RAW. He said Bryan isn’t what’s best for business but is a great asset to the company.

* He said RAW got out of control and a lot of people did a lot of stupid things. He had a week to think if Randy Orton vs. John Cena is the biggest match in WWE history and it is. He says Orton vs. Cena might make Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels pale in comparison. He ignored a question about punishment for CM Punk.

* Stephanie is fine after getting knocked down on RAW. Randy Orton wants to apologize on SmackDown and Triple H will grant him that time. Triple H wants to see how sincere Orton is before he accepts the apology.

* Regarding John Cena being the new “flavor” and the way RAW ended on Monday with him and The Authority, Triple H said Cena has always been the face of WWE. He said he knows the future – the winner at TLC will become immortal, will be the champion of champions.