– WrestlingINC.com reader @ReyGuey noted that after WWE TLC went off the air, Randy Orton’s “music played for a year” as Orton and The Authority posed a bunch more while John Cena headed to the back. Eventually The Authority left and Orton stood alone with the belts until he walked to the back. They thanked everyone and said they’d return to Houston on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 for a Smackdown taping. Once again, the pre-sale code for the SmackDown taping is HOUSTON.

– WWE.com has an interview with Big E Langston at this link, who discussed retaining his title at tonight’s TLC pay-per-view. Renee Young also asked Big E what was next for him.

“As a representative for all the continents, I feel it’s my duty to eventually sail around the world, meet people [and] show them the love that I have for singlets,” Big E replied.

– There was a spelling error in the graphic announcing Randy Orton as the new Unified World Champion, see if you can spot it below: