WWE Acknowledges Edwards & Richards' Background, John Cena Grants More Wishes, DeMott

- It's worth noting that during this week's American Pitbulls vs. The Ascension match on WWE NXT, Tensai and Tom Philips acknowledged the background of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards while doing commentary for the match. Tensai played the duo up like serious contenders.

- WWE NXT trainer Bill DeMott tweeted the following after last night's NXT Arena show in Tampa, the final WWE event in that building:

"Words cannot explain the energy tonight for the final FCW Arena show! Awesome #thankyouSteveKeirn"

- John Cena met Make-A-Wish Kids Cole and Jesus before Monday's RAW in Dallas. You can check out photos at this link. Cena has granted over 350 Wishes.


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