WWE’s website has a new article up looking at 5 ways that the Unified Title will change WWE after TLC. They are:

* The Royal Rumble Match will change
* The Intercontinental Title gets a boost
* Money in the Bank gets a shake-up
* The field of play gets tighter
* The best of the best is determined

Here’s what they wrote about the Rumble changing:

“The winner of the [Royal] Rumble Match gets first dibs on the title they challenge for at the big dance; the right to contend for the other World Title goes to the [Elimination] Chamber winner (or, given the brutality of the last few years’ contests, whatever’s left of him). With one Undisputed Title, though, the system reverts to its original incarnation: The Rumble Match winner gets to challenge for the World Title. As a result, the WrestleMania main-event picture forms much earlier on, and the champion is put on notice almost the second he rings in the New Year.”