“The Queen of Extreme,” Francine is the latest addition to WWE.com’s Alumni section.

“Everybody hates the popular girl,” the official WWE website says of Francine. “She’s dating the football quarterback, being crowned prom queen and is the object of everyone’s attention. During nearly the entire run of ECW’s 1990s heyday, there was one obvious popular girl: Francine. And she knew it, too.

“One look at Francine and it was clear she was no ordinary Catholic girl from Philly. As devious as she was stunning, the vixen became an immediate sensation upon her arrival in ECW.”

Despite having appeared before WWE fans in 2006, Francine’s cup of coffee run with the sports-entertainment organization’s rebooted version of Extreme Championship Wrestling is not acknowledged in her profile. Her lackluster run was stymied by WWE chief Vince McMahon, who according to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer, disliked her looks.

Upon seeing Francine backstage at that year’s One Night Stand pay-per-view event, believing she was not of WWE Diva caliber, McMahon immediately approached talent boss John Laurinaitis and reportedly asked him, “Who hired someone that looked like that?” Following a brief television feud with Ariel, Francine was dropped from her contract on October 12, 2006. She would have been dropped earlier, but backers of “The Queen of Extreme” reasoned to McMahon that they they needed her to compete in bikini contests at ECW-only live events to make Kelly Kelly appear more beautiful by comparison.

Following her release from WWE, Francine announced her imminent retirement from professional wrestling. She got married two years later and has since given birth to two children.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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