WWE Superstars Recap (With Video): The Usos Vs. Drew McIntyre And Jinder Mahal, Kaitlyn Vs. Aksana

WWE Superstars opens this week with Tom Phillips and Alex Riley on commentary.

Kaitlyn comes down to the ring.

Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

They lock up and Kaitlyn backs Aksana to the corner. The ref breaks them up, and Aksana shoves Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn approaches Aksana, and Aksana screams and goes between the ropes. Kaitlyn lands a body slam, followed by a backbreaker. She hits Aksana with a flying shoulder tackle, and Aksana rolls outside. Kaitlyn follows, but Aksana trips her when she is on the apron. Aksana tosses her back inside and slams her head against the mat repeatedly. She kicks Kaitlyn in the ribs and chokes her on the middle rope. Aksana lands a snap mare and locks in Kaitlyn's head and arm from behind. Kaitlyn gets up, but Aksana slams her to the mat. Kaitlyn gets a quick roll up attempt.

Aksana lands a back elbow. She knees Kaitlyn in the back and slams her into the corner. Aksana hits a side slam. She kicks Kaitlyn in the chest and gets a two count. She drops an elbow on Kaitlyn. Aksana goes for another elbow, but Kaitlyn moves. Aksana charges Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn moves, and Aksana collides with the corner. Kaitlyn hits a back elbow. Kaitlyn lands a clothesline and a backbreaker. Aksana goes for a pin attempt while using the ropes as leverage. Aksana argues with the ref. She turns around to a spear from Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Kaitlyn

Then, CM Punk's in ring promo from RAW where he talked about criticizing Triple H as the reason for the Shield's attack on him is shown.

Next, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, and Big Show vs. The Shield from RAW is shown.

The Usos vs. 3MB (Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre)

Mahal and Jey start off. Mahal hits a shoulder knockdown. Jey lands a dropkick. Jimmy tags in. The Usos double team Mahal. Jimmy chops Mahal. He strikes Mahal in the face and lands a kick to the jaw. Jey comes in and hits a leaping elbow. Jimmy tags back in and backdrops Mahal to the outside. McIntyre tries to attack Jimmy, but Jimmy ducks and Jey pulls the ropes down, sending McIntyre outside. The Usos take McIntyre and Mahal out with dives as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Mahal is in control of Jimmy. McIntyre tags himself in and kicks Jimmy's legs out. McIntyre drops elbows on Jimmy's knee and stomps on it. He sets Jimmy on the turnbuckle and hangs him down. McIntyre lands multiple kicks. Mahal tags in and kicks Jimmy as well. Jimmy falls down to the mat. Mahal continues to stomp Jimmy. McIntyre tags in and sets Jimmy's leg on the bottom rope. He attacks it. Jimmy comes back with a right hand to the face. Mahal tags in before Jimmy can make it to Jey, and attacks his leg. He locks Jimmy in a leg submission. Jimmy fights out via kicks to the head with his free leg. McIntyre tags in and 3MB double teams Jimmy. McIntyre goes back to work on Jimmy's leg. He chops Jimmy's chest in the corner. McIntyre goes for a clothesline, but Jimmy counters into a pin attempt. McIntyre dropkicks Jimmy's legs out.

Mahal tags in. He slams Jimmy's leg into the apron. Mahal goes up top and leaps off, but Jimmy puts a boot up. Mahal dodges and grabs Jimmy's boot. He tries to drop a knee on Jimmy's leg, but he moves. Jimmy hits an enziguri. McIntyre and Jey tag in. Jey has the hot tag. He lands several leaping clotheslines and a Samoan drop. Jey hits the running corner hip attack, and Mahal breaks up the pin attempt. McIntyre holds Jey's arms behind his back. Mahal bounds off the ropes for a double team, but Jimmy trips him and pulls him outside. Jimmy hits a super kick on Mahal. Back in the ring, Jey hits a super kick on McIntyre. He tags in Jimmy. Jimmy hits the Superfly splash for the win.

Winners: The Usos

John Cena and Randy Orton's contract signing from RAW is then shown to end the show.


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